3 Beard Care Practices to Add to Your Grooming Routine - Our Guide

Growing a beard is a monumental task for anyone who wants a new look. Whether you're looking to develop a short yet stylish beard or a full mane, you need to follow proper beard care routines to ensure that you grow your beard in the best way possible. So, how do you maintain a healthy beard?

Understanding facial hair care

Proper beard care is essential to anyone looking to grow a beard, even before they have to maintain the new look. In this article, we'll cover the three types of beard care routines that will help you in your journey to growing your preferred look.

1. Washing your beard hair

Washing your face is a routine that you need to do daily. However, if you're going to grow a full beard, you'll need to add extra tasks to your facial care routine to make sure that it's clean and healthy. Keep your vanity cabinet stocked up on facial products, such as hair wash, beard balm, moisturisers, and conditioners to add to your routine.

Always keep your beard conditioned so that it can stay soft and silky. Moisturising your beard is the key to keeping your skin from drying while providing a healthy area for your beard strands to grow strong and smooth.

2. Grooming routines for your beard

Your skin will inevitably itch once you start to grow a beard. The pairing of dry skin and pricking of the hair strands is the cause of frequent itching. For some, the itchiness can become unbearable, and they're prone to scratching their face. You can apply essential oils to smoothen your beard. That will also keep them from becoming brittle and coarse, which allows your skin to be less irritable on contact.

Always use the right tools and products when dealing with your beard. Don't just use any hair care products for your beard. Specialised beard care formulas are specifically made for beard only and not to other parts of your body.

Special combs, trimmers, and razors are some of the few grooming tools that you need to add to your beard care arsenal. Combing and stretching strands make your beard look longer. Remember to keep your beard tidy by frequently conditioning and brushing to help you build the shape that you're going for.

3. Trimming your beard hair

Starting out in growing a beard can be tricky and uncomfortable. For the first month and a half, it's recommended that you don't touch your beard hair so that you can see which areas grow faster than others. After this period, you need to trim it every once in a while so that you can prevent split ends from damaging your face.

Remember to find a beard style that matches your face's shape. Study each beard style if they'll fit your face's form as a facial hairstyle works best when paired with the right shape. You need to make sure that you trim properly so that your hair growth won't work against the look you're going for.


The key to growing a beard is patience and commitment to a new routine. Just as maintaining a new look will prove to be a challenge for the first few weeks, learning your new beard care routine can lead you to some rough patches along the way. You should remember that your body's way of adapting to a new look will take time, and once you've done the work, you'll be rewarded with the look you're going for.

A person who needs to improve their beard care routine requires the right tools to help them on their journey to growing a beard.

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