4 Beard Styling Tips to Enhance Your Coolness Factor - Our Guide

Besides learning how to maintain a healthy beard, you also need to learn how to style it. This way, you can show up confidently for any date, meeting, or get-together. You just need to ensure you know what you are doing to avoid looking like a fool with an ugly chin wig. But what exactly should you do to style your beard and look cooler? 

This article will talk about four cool-boosting tips that will help you become the envy among bearded folks. Take this as an opportunity to get more out of your hair grooming habits and enhance your self-esteem so you can feel more confident and inspire others to embrace their own brand of coolness! 

Work on your cheek lines 

The hairs on the sides of your cheeks are often the most unruly parts of the beard because they don’t have uniformity and can be thinner. The standard look is the scruffy, hand-brushed look, but it generally just looks messy and unprofessional. If you want to pull off the cool, groomed look, you need to comb the cheek lines evenly, making your beard look more shiny and voluminous. This way, you can look cool and feel great! 

Learn to cut your beard when it’s getting too long and smelly

Many beard enthusiasts like to make their chin hairs grow long, covering their neck. However, it’s not a practical style to maintain. You will just end up taking longer in the shower as you get rid of all the beard stink. You will also have a hard time drying all the follicles since you can’t use a hairdryer because it may make your beard crusty and hard to style. 

The best way to have cool, nice-looking chin mane is to use a beard trimmer to remove all the hard-to-comb hairs, mostly those at the tip and near your cheeks. You may also want to use a single straight blade if you want a cleaner, wider cut. You will end up with a good-looking beard that you can flaunt among your friends and family! 

Do the beard oil morning routine

After a good night’s sleep, your beard tends to be stinky and unkempt. While a quick wash may be tempting, you also don’t want to run your beard through water since it can cause the hairs to take longer to grow. 

Instead, you should just do a quick rinse with water, pat dry with a towel, then use your favourite beard oil. It will enhance your beard right at the hair root, letting hairs grow thick and luxurious. These are the defining qualities of a well-groomed, cool beard! 

Don’t mix your beard products with other hair grooming products

It can be easy to mistake hair gel for beard wax, and vice versa, while you are grooming in the bathroom. You should be careful because any mix-ups will affect your styling capabilities and your hair’s overall condition. 

That’s why you should keep all your products properly organised and have extra stock to avoid running out of the necessary items. Doing this allows you to maintain your coolness levels as you exude swagger! 


Being a cool dude can be hard to pull off when you have a beard, but there are ways to do so. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what it takes. All you have to do is remember all the tips and stock up on all your beard styling essentials. Raise your coolness factor today by working on your chin hairs! 

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