4 Considerations When Deciding How Often to Wash Your Beard

While many men have the habit of using their regular shampoo and conditioner every time they wash their beards, some argue that doing so is not a good idea. The reality is that washing your beard too often, regardless of what product you use, can damage it.

That said, how often you should wash your beard can differ from person to person. There are many factors you need to consider that will help you understand how frequently you should wash your beard.

So, how regularly should you be washing your beard? Let us discuss the factors that will affect the answer.

1. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can easily dictate how often you should wash your beard. For instance, if you are an office worker and rarely get yourself dirty, you can get away with washing once or twice a week. On the other hand, if you find yourself sweating or getting dirty quite often, you will have to clean your beard more frequently.

2. Skin Type

One of the most significant factors to consider is your skin type. There are various skin types you can fall under, such as oily, dry, or somewhere in between. If you have oily skin, your beard will collect excess oil, meaning you will need to wash it more often. In some cases, if it gets oily, then you will need to wash it every day or two. If you have oily skin, washing your beard only once a week or slightly more should be good enough.

 3. Beard Thickness

While not as big of a factor as the others, the thickness of your beard is still one that you should consider. That is because its thickness will affect how oily it can get. In many cases, thin beards can easily get oily, meaning you should wash it every day or so. If you consider your beard to be on the thicker side, you can get away with washing it once or twice a week.

 4. Surrounding Environment

The environment is another factor you need to consider, as it will dictate how much moisture your beard is going to collect. Washing your beard will strip it of its moisture in many cases. As such, if you live in a dry environment, you may want to avoid washing it too often. For instance, if you live in arid climates, you can consider washing the beard once or twice a week to allow for moisture to build up first. If the climate where you live in is humid, washing your beard every two or so days is a good idea.


As you can see, many factors play a role in beard care. From the environment around you to your skin type, these factors will affect how often you end up washing your beard. Carefully consider all of the factors, jotting down the recommended frequency for each factor. Once done, take a good look and figure out the average frequency that will work for you.

Remember, you can always change the frequency later on. If you alter your lifestyle or the climate you live in changes, you can adapt your routine to keep your beard healthy.

That being said, you can consider using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard, such as the one we offer! That way, you can clean your beard thoroughly and keep it moisturized. Do not forget to follow that up with beard oil and balm to keep your beard healthy and looking fresh!

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