5 Beard Care Tips to Prepare for Hot Summer Months

The holidays are coming, and with the season comes sunshine, pools, beaches, swimming pools, and all manner of fun outdoor activities. For our glorious beards, however, this means extended exposure to heat, UV rays, saltwater, sweat, dirt, and more. There are plenty of added concerns when it comes to the maintenance of your skin and beard.

As such, we have compiled this list of holiday season tips and tricks to make sure that your magnificent mane remains of excellent quality. Read on to enjoy all the fun parts about summer without having to worry as much about your beard.

1. Trim before long trips

Going away on a long trip often entails lots of photos, and as such you might want to make sure your beard looks its best in these photos. It might do you well to trim your beard before any long trip if it is not possible to bring all your beard care products with you (such as on long camping or fishing trips).

2. Keep the balm and oil ready

UV rays are the enemy of many things, your beard and skin included. These rays can cause your skin and hair to dry out. Mixed with a dip in chlorine-filled pools or salt-filled seas, it might be a little much for your bountiful chin. As such, it might be useful to keep beard care products like balms and oils at the ready to protect your beard from dehydration.

3. Don’t forget shampoo and conditioner

Dust, sand, and other grime can build up in your beard if you don’t use the right beard care products to protect it. If beard oils and balms are there to protect your beard from drying, beard shampoos and conditioners are meant to wash away the foreign elements that may end up in the strands. Not only that, but they can refresh and provide revitalizing protection to your follicles.

4. Prepare a travel kit

Why not prepare a beard care kit with everything you need already in it? Why even risk the possibility of dry skin and a dry beard when a kit might be able to provide the solution? Luckily, there are plenty of options on our website for beard enthusiasts of varying lengths and needs. Any one of these already comes neatly packaged in a convenient travel bag for easy storage.

5. Protect your razor (and your things)

A razor is a sharp and dangerous tool, and as such, it is important to buy it a case for proper protection. After all, you wouldn’t want to reach into your luggage to find that your favourite razor has sliced through your clothes, or that it has been dulled by the rustle of your belongings in flight. More importantly, you don’t want to reach into your luggage to cut yourself on your own razor!

Final thoughts

Most people shave off their beards when the holidays come. For those that do not want to give up their months of growing and trimming, however, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that your beard remains healthy and luscious even during the hot summer months. Keep these five tips in mind, and you might be able to enjoy the wonders of nature wearing that wondrous crown of hair upon your chin.

If you’re looking for beard care products to protect yourself from the Australian summer, send us at Jericho Australia a message. We have a wide range of beard care products for the discerning gentleman.

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