5 Grooming Tips Your Beard Needs to Survive in Summer

Growing a handsome beard is both an art and a science. Attending to your facial hair requires an exorbitant amount of care and beard butter. With all that effort, the result is a magnificent looking beard that even your ancestors would be proud of. It may sound a little over the top, but beard care actually does require a lot of effort if you want a good-looking scruff. 

Like any other part of your face, your beard is exposed to heat, pollution, and the elements. During the summer months, this exposure is at an all-time high—making the need for proper grooming all the more necessary. To avoid having a greasy and unruly scruff, here are some healthy beard tips to keep it in tip-top shape during summertime.

Wash It Like You Mean It

As temperatures in summer rise and your sweat glands are in a frenzy, salt and oil start to accumulate on your face through your pores. It doesn’t stop there—dirt and dust from the air get added to the mix and take shelter on your face. Your beard is powerless as it becomes a filth-absorbing sponge where bacteria thrive and can irritate your skin. 

Ordinary soap or shampoo isn’t suited for beards as it can dry out your skin and hair. Instead, use a specially formulated beard shampoo and conditioner.

Keep Your Beard Moisturised

Moisturisers and conditioners in the form of beard butter and oil will help keep your facial hair well-hydrated. A generous application of oil will leave your beard fuller and easier to manage. Beard butters are best applied post-shower—just when your pores are open—and the nutrients can be easily absorbed by your hair follicles. This is definitely a must-have for your manly grooming kit. 

Beard Styling Matters

After giving your beard a good wash and some oil, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Beard balm is just what you need to provide that well-groomed look to your beard. 

Take a small amount of balm and apply it to your beard while gently massaging it. Balms add volume to your facial hair and help keep stray hairs in place. Give it a nice good brush, style as desired, and you’re good to go!

Trimming Isn’t a Sin

Having a nice clean shave during summer is perhaps more practical—but why get rid of your beard when you can just trim it? Giving your beard a good trim wouldn’t hurt you. In fact, it’ll make it look even more majestic! Trimming allows for better airflow and may even prevent some irritation to your skin. 

Remember, a well-kempt beard is a happy beard.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water in the summer is already a given, but doing it for the sake of your beard gives you a better incentive to stay hydrated. 

Losing liquids in your body brought on by the summer heat is also going to affect every hair in your body, including your precious beard. Don’t let this happen or you risk making your beard grow brittle!

Final Thoughts

Having all these tips in your grooming arsenal is just what the modern beardsman needs to survive. It’s never too late to give your beard the attention it deserves. Remember, not all men are blessed with the ability to sport a moustache or a beard! If you’re one of the chosen few, embrace your facial fur and give it some love.

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