5 Tips and Tricks For Faster Beard Growth

No-Shave November is still a couple of months away, but it wouldn’t hurt to start growing your beard this early. There are a lot of factors that affect beard growth, such as your age, ethnicity, and your genes. While not all men are blessed with the ability to grow a beard real quick, there are ways to influence your beard growth and make it faster. Here are five healthy beard tips you should consider to grow a beard faster.

Maintain a Good Skincare Regimen

Facial hair thrives if the skin it’s growing out of is kept clean and well-nourished. By regularly washing away excess oil, dirt, and grime from the pores twice a day, you’re transforming your skin into an environment ideally suited for beard growth. Perform your cleansing regimen twice daily—once in the morning and once at night.

To supplement your daily routine, you should do a weekly maintenance ritual twice a week. Start by exfoliating your skin using a gentle scrub to buff away any dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts. Then, chase it all with a nourishing moisturiser or oil to hydrate and condition the skin.

Take B Vitamin Supplements

There are eight types of B vitamins that all work together across several bodily functions, including healthy hair and skin. The most widely used B vitamin is biotin (vitamin B7). Biotin is an excellent supplement for hair growth, but you also need to drink plenty of water whenever you take it. This prevents dry skin and breakouts from occurring. Biotin reinforces the proteins in your hair, skin, and nails and contributes to their faster and more robust growth.

Stay Hydrated At All Times

We’re all too familiar with the saying that drinking eight glasses of water every day is essential. It’s even more true now that you’re trying to grow a beard in a short amount of time. Hair suffers if you don’t stay hydrated. The cells don’t regenerate quickly, nor do they adequately receive nourishment from your vitamin supplements since the body is unable to properly absorb and distribute these nurturing agents. 

Commit to Growing Your Bread

Your quest to grow a beard at the shortest possible time will become futile if you don’t commit to it completely. Suppose you’re a few weeks into your beard journey, and you’re at the stage where your stubble starts to get itchy. Your facial hair is still at a crossroads and doesn’t look anything like the majestic mane you’re aiming for. If you’re really committed to the cause, you need to get over the initial hump, which is perhaps the hardest part of the process. After you’ve overcome this stage, you’ll feel a lot better, and you’re well on your way to becoming an official beardsman.

Start a New Beard-Friendly Diet

Believe it or not but the kind of nutrition you get from food does influence the rate at which your beard grows. To further bolster your beard, introduce food that could stimulate its growth and reap incredible benefits from it. Examples of beard-stimulating foods are oysters, sweet potatoes, liver, raisins, kale, spinach, and eggs. They all contain nutrients that strengthen hair and boosts cell growth.


Growing a full, glorious beard can be tough. You’ll reach a point where you ask yourself, “how to maintain a healthy beard and make it grow faster?” These tips will definitely help you on your journey to faster and thicker beard growth. Don’t be impatient and just stay committed to your goal, and you’ll have a handsome-looking beard in no time.

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