A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Ideal Beard Length

Since you are beginning to show an appreciation for your chin hairs, you need to start thinking about the ideal beard length. It’s a defining feature of beard grooming and styling that enables you to express your individuality. 

For example, if you have stubble, you are more likely to be a shy type and nonconformist than mates with longer beards. Whatever the vibe you wish to go for, consider this guide as your practical source for determining your perfect beard length. 

What Is Stubble? 

Stubble, also known as the five o’clock shadow or puberty beard, is the tiniest amount of hair you can grow. It’s a great indicator that you are capable of having luscious chin hairs. It often happens between the ages of 13 and 14, and you may be opted by your parents to shave it, but that would be a waste of a styling opportunity that best suits your lifestyle. Just take note that stubble typically takes a day or two to flourish, but it may take longer due to genetics, health, and age. 

How Do I Grow and Maintain Stubble? 

During the growing stage of stubble, while it’s good to be patient and let things come naturally, you may want to grow your stubble faster. This way, you can see the results for yourself and decide if you want to either grow it longer or cut it. Luckily, aside from adhering to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, you can also invest in beard growing kits and other products for your convenience. 

For instance, when you get The King of Jericho beard Kit, you can work on your stubble as the follicles become more prominent, and you can gently comb it, use some beard oil, and balm it to encourage healthy growth. You also don’t have to hydrate it as much; it can be done in minutes during the morning, and you can expect to use the products for a long time. That’s the magic of maintaining your awesome stubble!  

What Is a Short Beard?

Essentially, a short beard is known in the beard community as well-grown or matured stubble. It’s normally three-quarters of an inch, meaning it’s covering a significant part of the chin region and not necessarily covering the entire neck. 

At this point, you could either be content with where you are or may want to go a step further by getting a long beard or what many would call a knee tickler. Whatever your choice, as long as you surround yourself with supportive friends and family, you can go for either a short beard or even longer. 

How Do I Groom a Short Beard? 

Just like when you had your stubble, you can use the same beard grooming products. However, there’s more time now for preparations, especially before you go out for important occasions, like a date or corporate meeting. But if you want insider information, we highly recommend you check out the benefits of hemp beard oil. Additionally, don’t forget to keep your beard properly trimmed and brushed if you want to maintain the look. 

What Should I Consider Before Getting a Long Beard? 

If you are now at the short beard stage, it’s either you move forward with going past the neckline or even longer because you want to emulate a certain sense of personality or swagger. Whatever your motivation, just consider the amount of dedication you need to exert, especially with proper hygiene and time management. This way, you can determine if a longer beard is really worth it. 


Finding the ideal beard length can be considered a beginner’s rite of passage, but it’s manageable as long as you remember why you are doing it and have the means to do so. Just ensure you surround yourself with the right people and stay determined to show your true you, no matter what the beard length! Groom and grow your chin hairs today! 

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