Autumn Beard Care Made Easy: 3 Tips Worth Practising

Ask any bearded lad or facial hair expert about what time of the year is worst for anyone’s tuft of hair on their face, and the answer will always be the same: autumn.

Although you’re probably well-acquainted with the fact that the days between the end of March to the end of May are the ones that are especially cruel to your face, they couldn’t be any worse for your facial hair. With wonky temperatures and conditions set on wreaking havoc on your facial hair, you can’t help but feel like you need to pull out all the stops to protect your beard.

Now, don’t get us wrong—autumn can be like a beautiful painting because of how stunning its views are and how much its greens and browns mesh seamlessly with its musky smells and sights of flora and fauna. Yet, the unfortunate truth is that the otherwise “cosy” conditions of this time of year just aren’t made for the comfort and health of facial hair. 

Care for Your Beard in Autumn Better with These Tips:

As unreasonable as autumn may be for your beard, you won’t need to worry because these tips will go a long way towards keeping your seasonal beard care routine airtight: 

Tip #1: Get Right to Combing!

Next to the conditions and weather themselves, the next biggest enemy that your beard has in autumn is entanglement—which is where combing is vital.

Considering that your beard practically dreads windy and cold weather and will shrivel up just to show it, it’s important to keep everything in order and prevent it from getting into a tangled mess. By taking the time to comb your beard regularly—think anywhere from three to four times a day, at the very least—you’ll be able to protect your facial hair better and ensure that it stays in the best shape possible! 

Tip #2: Before All Else, Wash Your Face

While you can think about all the different products that you can put on the tuft of facial hair on your face, your beard will never be as protected as it should be if you don’t wash your face.

It may not necessarily be talked about as much compared to washing facial hair, but washing one’s face is an absolute prerequisite for autumn beard care. To put matters into perspective, this seemingly mundane task is similar to preparing the canvas for a painting: without it, you won’t get the smoothness or finesse that you’d usually expect—and it goes the same for your facial hair. 

Tip #3: Use the Right Products

Now, it may be common knowledge that beard products are a necessity all year round, but the one thing you need to understand is that they’re even more vital once you’re well into autumn.

During this time of the year, you’ll want to keep your facial hair and handsome mug away from harsh chemicals and ingredients, as your scruff is already especially sensitive because of the conditions you expose it to. With the help of the right balm, soap, conditioner, scrub, and oil—such as Jericho Australia’s specially-formulated products—you’ll be able to double up on your beard protection efforts to keep it in perfect shape!


Despite all the horror stories about Autumn being one of the most terrible times of the year for anyone’s beard, you can easily protect your tuft of facial hair when you take the right steps to care for it properly. Through the help of the three key tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to assure yourself of a healthy, vibrant, free-flowing, and comfortable patch of facial hair with ease! 

If you’re looking for the best beard oils and beard growth products in Australia to take your beard care to the next level, Jericho has got you covered. Lure in the ladies and win the awe of your fellow brethren by buying our products today!

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