Beard Care Essentials: Reviewing Beard Balm and Beard Butter

Growing a beard isn’t something you can do without having the right tools. Attempting to do so without the right products can be a problematic and uncomfortable experience. Besides trimming your beard in shape to reach your preferred look, you also need to purchase grooming and styling products.

Most men who plan to grow their beards are stuck with choosing between beard balm and beard butter. In some cases, they work well together but are also best chosen individually for specific purposes. Knowing if they’re a good purchase for your vanity will depend on your understanding of what each product does best.

Going through the awkward beard phase

Once men start their beard growing journey, they will inevitably reach the awkward beard phase. It’s when a person’s beard is in the in-between of being unkempt and fully grown. Besides the aesthetic awkwardness of your half-built build, you’ll also need to deal with the growing pains of facial hair. This requires you to moisturise your face and condition your hair to prevent any complications, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The awkward beard phase can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the speed of your hair growth. Since you can’t really hide your beard with a cap or other headgear, it can be challenging to overcome the awkward beard phase. Thankfully, you can purchase beard care products that can lessen the problems you’ll face.

Understanding beard balm

Beard balm ranks higher against beard butter in terms of having a better hold. It conveniently keeps the bead conditioned and locks in moisture to prevent your face from drying. Since it has a relatively strong hold, it can have a versatile purpose as a styling product. Different iterations of beard balm can contain beeswax, essential oils and even shea butter to make it more comfortable for your beard to grow.

Understanding beard butter

Beard butter is much more straightforward as a beard care product since it mostly serves as a conditioner for your beard. It contains different natural butters and oils that enrich your beard with the right vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Your facial hair and skin benefit from its rejuvenating properties, allowing your skin to stay hydrated and your hair to stay soft.

Without beard butter, your beard can have prickly ends that are hard to groom. Additionally, its moisturising effect prevents you from becoming itchy due to dry skin or beard dandruff. Beard butter can still hold a small mass of hair but won’t be as effective once you start amassing a greater volume of beard hair.


Both beard balm and beard butter have their strengths in serving your needs toward growing a healthy beard. You’ll need to consider what you’ll use it for to get the desirable results. If you’re looking for more control and hold, a beard balm is the better choice. On the other hand, if you want to condition your beard to promote better beard growth, beard butter may be more effective.

Regardless of your choice, it’s vital to compare different brands to choose the product that works best with your face. Like any hygiene and grooming product, you won’t know what works best for you without trying them out. However, you can’t just leave your beard’s growth to chance. This is why it’s vital to purchase only from reputable vendors that know the ins and outs of beard grooming

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