How to Apply Moustache Wax Like a Pro

Whether you’re a seasoned beard-grower or new to the facial hair game, everyone can do with a refresher on how to apply moustache wax like a pro.

Firstly, if you’ve recently gotten into beard grooming, welcome to the gentlemen’s club. If you’re a seasoned professional, welcome back and buckle down. Whether you’ve received moustache wax as a gift or made a worthwhile investment all by yourself, it’s worth understanding the answers to how to apply moustache wax, the frequency of application, and finally, what does moustache wax do? We will get straight into it with our step-by-step guide on applying moustache wax application. By the end of this article, you’ll be an absolute expert in how to apply moustache wax. 

How to Apply Moustache Wax

So, you’ve spent all this time growing the perfect mo. But there’s no point in having excellent facial hair if you’re not grooming or looking after it properly. In just seven easy steps, we’ll give you an overview of how to apply traditional moustache wax most effectively for the style and type of moustache you’ve grown.


You need to know the kind of moustache you want to emulate before you start wasting wax styling it. Spend some time looking in the mirror and Googling your ideal beard type. Have you nailed your ideal ‘stache, or do you need to let it grow further? Is your perfect mo even going to work for you, or do you need to re-assess your muse?


Whilst you’re at it, reflect on the current state of your beard. Is it rowdy? How long are the hairs? Is it in a manageable condition? This will help you determine how much wax is required to help you manage and maintain that mane of yours. Usually a small amount is enough.  


Do you know what’s distracting from your glistening beard? Red spots and blackheads beneath the facial hair. Be sure to thoroughly wash your entire face, including the bearded area, before applying any product to your beard. Use a fresh towel to dry off your face, but don’t completely dry your moustache, for example, with a hair dryer. You want your beard to be slightly damp to aid with the lubrication of the moustache wax. 

How to apply moustache wax


Next, grab your palm, thumb, or index finger to warm the moustache wax in the moustache wax tin. Heating the moustache wax with your body heat on and between your fingers loosens the hair wax and makes it easier to apply to the beard or moustache. 


Use your fingers, in particular, index finger and thumb, to apply the moustache wax, moving from the bottom centre of the moustache out to the sides. You can either use both hands on both sides of the moustache simultaneously or use your preferred hand to apply it evenly across the entire length of the moustache. Removing moustache wax is simple. Just wash your moustache with warm water and mild soap. 


Now that your moustache is evenly covered in wax, refer back to the ‘visualise’ stage and start styling your hair in your preferred style. Use swiping motions with your hands. Applying too much moustache wax is not beneficial unless you need it. Otherwise, your ’stache can start to look a little lumpy. 


Use a moustache comb to help you get those final stray hairs into place and create a natural look to the hair.


We often have people ask us how often to apply moustache wax. The answer is simple - as often as you think you need it! Whether it’s one to two times per day or once per week, it’s entirely up to you. How often to apply moustache wax depends on a variety of factors, such as how often you work out, your work environment, and even how you sleep. If it feels like it needs a top-up, don’t overthink it. Go ahead and apply styling products as you see fit.  

When to Start Using Moustache Wax

Girlfriend complaining about harsh beard prickles in her face? Got an important meeting coming up? Mum complaining about the state of your unruly beard? Getting ready to celebrate a wedding? Feeling like you’ve done the hard yards growing the ’stache but haven’t quite nailed the look? 

It sounds like it’s about time to start using moustache wax. 

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ timeframe or guidelines on when to start using moustache wax. In our humble opinion (although we may be biased), it’s always better to start on grooming tools sooner rather than later. Once your mo hits that post-stubble length period, nothing is stopping you from giving your moustache hair some TLC. It’ll help you tame any strays and will encourage growth. However, it will take around 2-3 months of solid growth for you to reap the full benefits of a suite of men’s facial hair grooming products. Just like there’s no minimum timeframe, there’s no maximum timeframe either. If you’ve managed to grow a complete set of facial hair without using any product at all, kudos to you! It’s better to start late than never. 

Whenever you choose to start wax, you won’t regret it. 

What Does Moustache Wax Do?

A healthy moustache means a fuller, thriving looking moustache. In short, moustache waxes and other facial grooming products help with the overall health of your moustache hair. So, what does moustache wax do, exactly? We’ll outline the purpose of moustache wax below. 

Why use moustache wax


Just as we care for the hair on our head, it’s essential to care for the hair on your face if you want it to grow into a full, healthy mo. Using wax helps condition and moisturise the hairs and hair follicles, which allows your moustache hair to grow quicker. Caring for your facial hair also reinforces the strength to appear fuller for longer.


Wax and other similar facial hair products like beard oil add weight to your facial hair. The extra volume on your upper lip gives the ’stache an even thicker appearance. In turn, you’ll have the healthiest looking moustache and be the envy of that party. 


Wherever you are in Australia, you’re likely exposed to a diverse range of weather elements. From wind, rain, heat, sunshine, humidity, and cold, the weather can substantially impact the longevity and strength of your hair particles. Moustache wax helps to protect from protein loss or hair damage by nourishing the hairs and hair follicles with essential oils and shielding the hair against unpredictable weather. 


Ever tried to style your facial hair, only to be bitterly disappointed with the results? The natural oils and waxes in our ’stache wax deliver the weight and volume you need to uphold a style for hours. A combination of wax and a styling comb will help you hold your signature style in place all night long. Whether you’re going for the Imperial or classic Handlebar style, you’ll always maintain your iconic look.  

So, What Is the Best Moustache & Beard Wax for Me?

We’re glad you asked! Our entire range of Beard Butters & Moustache Waxes are made from fresh, natural, high-quality natural ingredients sourced locally in Queensland. Best yet, they smell irresistible! You can choose from various tempting flavours, from salted caramel to fresh peppermint and coconut cream. Most of the moustache wax will embody a slightly different scent depending on the natural scent of the individual it is applied to. Therefore, we’d recommend choosing a couple of our smaller 60ml bottles of wax to figure out your personal flavour preferance that goes best with your natural scent. Indulge in one of the irresistible waxes at Jericho Australia and find out more about facial hair maintenance via our blog. 

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