How to Grow a Beard That Impresses the Ladies: Our Guide

Guys with beards are a hot topic among women in the dating scene because they often get the most attention. However, some guys don’t have much luck because of their unkempt chin hairs. That’s why you need to learn how to maintain a healthy beard. But what exactly should you do to groom your beard properly for the ladies?

This article will discuss four essential tips that will define your pre-date preparations as you focus on keeping your beard handsome and elegant. That way, you can dominate the dating scene and attract as many potential girlfriends as you want (or at least someone you can one day call your wife!)

1. Comb well

Women like to date well-groomed men, and that pertains to even your facial hair. It must look neat and straight. You may want to accessorize a bit, like with a bowtie, but it’s best to keep it simple.

Before going in for the kiss, you should also comb your beard properly to prevent all loose hairs from going into each other’s mouths. You may want to bring your beard comb and mirror with you on your date for grooming emergencies!

2. Keep it trimmed and soft

Your beard needs to be cut to a length that is easy to maintain. Unfortunately, there’s no one clear answer about what women’s preferred bread length is for men. It’s best to just keep it safe by combing your facial hair properly and applying conditioner. And who knows, maybe later on during your date, the lady may get intimate and stroke your beard. That means she fancies you!

 3. Avoid beard stink

If there’s one thing that most women are particular about, it’s your scent. That’s because showing up well-groomed correlates with swagger and sexiness that ladies like. So, you better make sure your beard is not going to stink up your date! For instance, what if you show up to your date with a smelly beard, and your date pulls away from your kiss because you smell bad? How embarrassing!

As such, make it a habit to wash your beard before going on your date. Use beard shampoo to prevent rashing and dandruff. You can also use beard oil, which often has sweet, enticing scents such as salted caramel and coconut cream. That way, your date will be impressed and love your sense of style!

4. Be more confident

Women like men with beards because there’s a general understanding that they will be confident and full of machismo. That’s why you should learn to work on your self-esteem and social skills.

The best way to practice before a date is by grooming your beard in front of a mirror, making eye contact with your reflection, and self-dialoguing confident phrases, like “You’ve got this!” or “You look sexy!”

Remember also not to beat yourself up if your date doesn’t go well because the best thing about dating is you get to meet different kinds of people. You will have the chance to find love again!


Dating as a bearded gentleman can be challenging. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to do and expect. Remember all the previously mentioned tips, and start getting your beard date-ready today!

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