How to Maintain a Beard: Your Beard Grooming Guide

So, you’re growing the beard that you’ve always wanted - welcome to the club! Life is good. The journey of growing a healthy beard is one that all men should undertake at some point. If not, you’re missing out.

Like anything, getting the most from your beard requires proper care and maintenance. If you’ve been wondering how to maintain a beard - look no further, Jericho Australia have got you covered. 

Beard care is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve created a simple, honest guide on how to maintain a beard so that your beard can reach its’ full potential. Read on to learn about some simple beard maintenance tips and tricks that’ll serve you well over time! 

Beard Grooming: How to Groom a Beard 

Once you know how to maintain a beard, life is full of endless possibilities. Applying certain beard care products is crucial when considering how to maintain a beard as consistent, healthy beard growth depends on proper care and beard maintenance.

First and foremost, a truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When understanding how to groom your moustache and beard, it is important to note that you should resist the urge to use a beard trimmer or style in the initial stages of beard growth. Give your beard time to grow and don't trim your beard. Men should leave their beard untouched for around 4-6 weeks to allow the hairs to grow evenly and to help you pick a style that’ll suit your beard’s unique characteristics, length and thickness. 

You should firstly condition your beard hair throughout the day with beard oils and beard balm. These products will help create the perfect conditions for healthy beard growth whilst allowing you to style your beard in whichever way you like. Train your beard hairs with a beard comb or our 100% boar bristle beard brush to keep your beard neat and presentable when needed. With the beard brush or beard comb, spread the natural oils you’ve applied throughout your beard. 

To get rid of split ends or wayward hairs, you can use a beard trimmer or facial hair scissors for beard maintenance and save a trip to the barber. Keeping it clean is as simple as using beard shampoo and conditioner a few days a week. 

how to maintain a beard with products

Beard Oil for Beard Maintenance

Put simply, beard oil is a daily moisturiser and leave-in conditioner that helps create the conditions for healthy growth, will soften your facial hair and reduce irritating itches. The oil is designed to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin. If you want others to ask you how to maintain a beard like yours, beard oil is necessary.

Jericho’s beard oils are hand-made with care, combining a selected concoction of essential oils, vitamins and fragrances to ensure that your beard reaches its maximum potential in looks, feel and scent. Long gone are the days of dry and sensitive skin underneath your beard – Jericho’s beard oils will solve the issue quickly and return moisture and fullness to your beard. Our essential oils not only leave you with a pleasant, lingering fragrance that you’re sure to love but are also important tools for facilitating healthy growth and comfort. If you need quality beard oils shipped to your doorstep, order from Jericho today. A favourite of our happy customers is our Salted Caramel Beard Oil – you’ll drool, they’ll drool. Everybody wins. Proper beard grooming has never been easier with Jericho Australia.

How to Apply Beard Oil

At Jericho Australia, we recommend applying our beard oils at least twice a day. Through countless hours of testing, we’ve found that the most effective times of day to apply beard oil are right after your morning shower and right before bed. Applying beard oil in the shower allows the oils to be absorbed more effectively as the warm water opens your pores and facial hair cells. Applying oil before bed will replenish your hair follicles with nutrients so that they can recover and encourage new growth overnight.

For beard oil to be most effective, you want to focus on working it into the skin beneath the beard instead of applying it to just the ends of the hair. Place 2-4 drops, depending on the length of your beard, into your hand. Warm up the oil by rubbing your hands together before massaging the oil upwards through your facial hair evenly and thoroughly. 

how to apply beard oils

Maintaining with Beard Balm 

Beard balm is a styling agent for your beard, typically used by men with medium to longer length beards. Beard balm has quite a firm hold and is thus highly versatile for styling purposes, helping you keep the stray hairs at bay and allowing you to tame a messy beard with ease, keeping your beard in perfect shape throughout the day. Beard balm is great to use before going out for long periods as it holds for hours. When considering how to maintain a beard, it should be said that beard balm is a staple of all well-bearded men’s collections.

The thickness of beard balm allows you to comb down a stubborn beard with a beard comb and can also be used for your moustache to give a slicker finish around the edges. Having trouble taming your mouth brow in particular? Jericho Australia’s Moustache Wax will save the day. Style away fellas!

Pair beard balm with beard butter to experience maximum results! Beard butter is a unique formula that’ll help nourish and control your beard, leaving it noticeably softer, fuller and healthier! Plus, you’ll smell heavenly. Our loyal customers love Beard Butter Suits & Cigars; not too smoky, not too sweet, Suits & Cigars is an earthy scent with hints of cologne. You can’t go wrong with that.   

The best beard balms will contain only natural ingredients such as shea butter, natural beeswax and a combination of essential oils. Synthetic ingredients will only irritate your skin and dry out your beard due to their harmful toxins. Sometimes they can even cause acne. At Jericho Australia, not only do we guide you in how to maintain a beard, we stock premium beard balm products in a variety of scents made from entirely natural ingredients. Show your beard the respect it deserves – shop the best beard balm Australia today!

How to Apply Beard Balm

For the best results, first wash your beard with an all-natural, quality beard shampoo & conditioner and then apply the beard balm once your beard is slightly damp or dry. You only need a dime-sized amount of balm rubbed in between your palms. Make sure to rub the balm into the skin covered by your beard, as this will help nourish your facial hair at its roots. Evenly distribute the balm with a beard brush before styling as required.

It is recommended to use beard balm once a day, only adding extra if you feel the hold weakening. To finish, simply style your beard to your liking and walk out the door with a beard that’ll be the envy of every man around you! 

Beard Balm for maintenance

How to Maintain a Beard and Moustache

You can’t build a house without bricks, and the same applies to facial hair. The growth of your beard is heavily reliant on health; supplement beard care products with vitamins and a healthy, fuelling diet to ensure maximum growth. Combine this with your newfound knowledge on how to groom a beard and you’ll be the envy of everyone around you.

Still having trouble achieving the perfect beard style? Consider using our 2 in 1 Beard Straightening Brush, the quick life hack for looking slick at all times. Our beard straightening brush can seamlessly tame an unruly beard in just a few short minutes as the bristles on the beard brush work to separate each strand, ensuring a smoother, well-groomed look. You can use it style and smooth the hair on your head as well – consider pairing this up with our Classic Pomade to give a sturdy and shape-able hold.

Why You Should Choose Jericho

We take pride in being a Brisbane-based, fully Australian owned business. When you choose Jericho for your beard care needs, we can ensure that you’ll receive high quality products that have been carefully designed, tried and tested by our team.

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