How to Properly Trim your Beard Neckline: A Guide

Where most beard-growers leave their grooming needs at beard trimming, creating a clean beard neckline will provide a sleek, defined look to your facial hair. It may seem like an innocuous enough addition to your routine, but proper trimming of the beard line can go a long way in enhancing your overall look. 

In this article, we will guide you through how to trim a beard neckline properly, to achieve a stylish and well-groomed look.

Defining the Beard Neckline (Literally)

Before we delve into trimming, let’s first be clear: the beard neckline refers to the area where your beard transitions from the skin of your neck to your face.

A beard neckline that is too high can make your neck appear longer and your beard smaller. On the other hand, if a beard neckline is too low, it can make your face appear less defined and more round. That’s why we’re here to help you achieve a perfectly balanced and clean look by providing a comprehensive guide about where to trim a beard neckline and how the proper placement can complement your face shape. Let’s get into it:

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Trim a Beard Neckline 

If you want to become an expert at trimming your beard neckline, follow these steps.

1. Gather Your Tools 

For the best results, having the right kinds of high-quality tools is essential when trimming your beard neckline. You should invest in a handheld mirror, beard trimmer, scissors, and a good old-fashioned razor.

2. Define Your Neckline

Before you start, find where your head connects to your neck, slightly above your Adam’s apple. This is generally the best starting point for most men’s beard necklines. Place two fingers a little above your Adam’s apple and picture a smile-shaped curve running from one earlobe, around your Adam’s apple, and up to your other earlobe. This imaginary curve will help establish your neckline’s natural shape.

3. Trim Your Beard

Make sure your beard trimmer is set to your preferred beard length before you jump into trimming. Start at the sides of your beard and slowly move down and in towards your chin, making sure to trim in the same direction as your beard growth to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs developing down the track.

 4. Re-define Your Neckline

Once you’ve finished up with your basic trimming, switch your beard trimmer to a shorter setting. Alternatively, you can use scissors to construct a more defined line along your previously imagined U-shaped curve. Remember to follow your neckline’s natural curve while keeping your hand as steady as possible.

5. Shave Below Your Neckline

Put your beard trimmer down and get out a razor. Avoid shaving too close to your neckline, often creating an unnatural look. Apply shaving cream or gel below your neckline and use a razor to shave any hair underneath the line you’ve already established. 

6. Clean Up the Edges

Using a handheld mirror, check the back of your neck to ensure the beard neckline is even and clean. You can use your beard trimmer or scissors to make any final changes.

7. Apply Beard Balm or Oil

Once you have finished trimming your beard neckline, conditioning and moisturizing your beard is essential to maintain a healthy and well-groomed look. If you’re going out, use beard balm to condition and style. If you’re going to bed, massage beard oil into your skin and beard to ensure optimal hydration.

Tips on Where to Shave Your Beard Line

Pinpointing exactly where to shave your beard line can be a little tricky, so we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you out:

  • Symmetry is key – Keep checking that your beard line is even on both sides of your face while shaving. A balanced, even beard line will create a polished look and naturally enhance your unique facial features.

  • Create a gentle curve – It’s very important to follow the unique contours of your neck and jawline to achieve a perfectly balanced beard line. Remember, this curve should be subtle enough to emanate a natural appearance.

  • Don’t shave too low or too high – Shaving your beard too low can make your face look rounder and creates an unkempt look. In saying this, shaving your beard too high can lead to a longer-looking neck and a smaller, less-masculine beard. Aim for a beard neckline slightly above your Adam’s apple to encourage a more flattering look. 

  • Pay attention to your natural beard growth – Use your natural face and neck contours to guide your beard neckline. A common mistake is shaving too far into the beard line, creating an unnatural and messy look. You should find the right balance between a natural, yet clean shape suited to your facial features.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy to enhance your facial features and reflect your personal style with the right beard. Whether you prefer a classic, straight neckline or something more curved and natural, a well-groomed beard neckline is the key to looking and feeling your best. 

Follow the above guide to learn how and where to properly trim your beard neckline to achieve a natural and well-groomed appearance that will turn heads – and beards – in admiration.

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