The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out While Sporting a Beard

It might be hard to believe but working out while sporting a beard is undoubtedly a different experience than working out without one. That’s just one of the many life-changing repercussions of growing and maintaining a beard.

Beards are a symbol of strength, and men are supposed to wear them with pride. However, no matter how majestic your beard looks, it can still be a magnet of dirt, sweat, and all kinds of nastiness! As a solution, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts along with some healthy beard tips that you should consider when working out.

Do: Rinse Your Beard Before and After You Exercise

Giving your beard a quick rinse will get rid of all the dirt and grime that got stuck in your precious mane. Just run some water through your beard and make sure you rinse it thoroughly. Once you’re pretty sure that you’ve cleaned your beard well enough, you can splash some cold water on your face to wake yourself up. After you’re done with an intense workout session, it’s time to do the same rinsing method you did earlier to wash off all the nastiness you’ve accumulated during your exercise.

Don’t: Wash Your Beard Too Many Times

You may have brought your beard shampoo along with you at the gym, but you won’t be able to use it. As mentioned above, all your beard needs is a quick and thorough rinse with water. You’re not supposed to use soap or shampoo to wash it again because you already did that during your morning routine. Washing your beard too many times can strip away all the natural oil on your beard that it needs for nourishment and protection.

Do: Apply Beard Oil After Your Workout Session

If you frequent the gym regularly, then you know that carrying a jug filled with water is mandatory when working out to keep you hydrated. That goes the same with your beard, only this time, your beard oil will do all the hydrating.  Have beard oil on hand and apply it to the skin on your beard before and after your workout. Knowing how to maintain a healthy beard and keep it hydrated will keep your beard happy at all times.

Don’t: Shave Off Your Beard

You’ll probably realise that sporting a beard while working out is actually a lot of additional work than just showing up at the gym and doing your usual workout routine. It can even get annoying at times. Well, that may be the case, but you should think again before deciding to shave off that beard. All that extra work is worth it if you can walk tall and proud of how healthy and magnificent your beard looks! Remember, not everyone is fortunate enough to be endowed with a lot of hair follicles to grow a beard. You were one of the lucky ones, so don’t throw away all that by shaving your beard.


Nobody ever said that beard care is easy. That’s why you need to exert a lot of effort to keep your beard healthy even when you’re working out. All these healthy beard tips will help you keep a good-looking beard while maintaining an active lifestyle.

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