The Summer Guide to Caring Properly for Your Beard

The Australian summer is one of the most important periods in beard care, particularly because the mane on your chin is likely to become exposed to harsher conditions. You can expect increased sunlight and UV exposure, more sweat, heightened humidity, and perhaps even a few dips in saltwater. While your beard might have taken care of you during the winter, the summer calls for you to take care of it.

This involves a more complex and meticulous approach to your beard care routine and a greater focus on what beard grooming products you use. To help you devise a routine that is best for you, we have created this guide to summer beard care.

Wash your beard daily

If you still weren’t washing your beard on a daily basis, now is the time to start. No, this does not mean letting the shampoo from your head run off into your beard and rinsing in the shower. This means using a beard wash or shampoo regularly to wash off all the salt and grime that might build up during the day.

The increased humidity might boost the development of harmful bacteria and fungi, which can cause itching, rashes, sores, flaking, and scaling. The only way to prevent this is to regularly wash with a good beard wash or shampoo.

Hydrate and nourish yourself

The high levels of heat and humidity can cause increased sweating during the summer. That means your follicles might end up dehydrated and undernourished, causing unhealthy growth. The hair might become brittle, prone to splitting at the ends and possibly even breaking the skin. The better-hydrated and nourished you are, the healthier your hair will grow.

Protect your hair

The increased exposure to UV and heat can damage the protective cuticle layer of your hair, leaving the layers beneath unprotected. It can cause your hair to become brittle and the skin to itch a lot more than it should. As such, it is important to apply beard oils or beard balms as a layer of protection. Such beard grooming products can also replace the natural oils in the skin that have been washed away by sweat.


As with animals and their fur, beards can have seasonal growth. The beard that grew in the winter might be ill-suited for the conditions of summer. As such, it is important to trim your beard regularly to ensure that your current growth is capable of surviving current circumstances. Trimming will also remove frizzy split ends that can cause itching.

Exfoliate regularly

Proper exfoliation can remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer, allowing the skin underneath to regenerate and create a healthy new layer. You would also be removing clogs in pores and follicles, reducing the incidence of ingrown hairs and pimples. You might find that the sticky and grimy feeling in your beard has disappeared after a gentle scrubbing session.

Final thoughts

Caring for a beard can be challenging at times, but it is definitely worth it. While many people shave during the summer to be more comfortable, it is totally possible to maintain a beard, so long as you dedicate yourself to the routine and use the right beard grooming products.

If you’re looking for the right beard grooming products for your summer care routine, send us at Jericho Australia a message. We can help you maintain that soft, healthy, and great-smelling beard even with all the heat and humidity.

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