Understanding Why You Absolutely Need a Good Beard Shampoo

There are far too many men out there who think that letting the shampoo run down from your head into your beard is enough. Others might think that running the bar of soap against it is a good practice. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For proper beard grooming, you need proper beard grooming products. The product we’re putting in the spotlight, in this particular case, is beard shampoo.

Why do I need beard shampoo?

All you need to do is to touch the hair on your beard and the hair on your head to understand that the strands are different. That means the skin under each type of hair is also different and has different needs. Your beard needs to be treated differently if it is to remain healthy and strong.

What makes the beard different from the hair?

The first big difference between the hair on your head and your beard is the texture. Beard hair is usually rougher and more curly than the hair on your head, and it affects the skin in specific ways. It breaks more easily and is quite prone to flaking if it remains unaddressed. This may eventually lead to some kind of rash or itching. It may also lead to unhealthy hair with split ends.

What does beard shampoo do to address this?

The skin produces an oil called sebum which serves as a protective barrier against dirt and other pathogens. Sebum forms a coating around the skin and hair, which gives it that smooth and soft feel. However, this is not a perfect process; more often than not, overproduction or underproduction of sebum can cause dryness, itching, fungal infection, and so on.

The unique needs of the beard are why you need the help of beard grooming products like shampoos to help keep it clean and healthy. These products, used in tandem, can keep both the skin and hair healthy. Not only that, but they are designed to nourish the follicles. The more nutrients the follicles are able to absorb, the faster and more healthy the hair.

Just make sure to use the shampoo in moderation, as washing too often can be counterproductive. You only need to wash as needed, as the shampoo can strip away the natural oils produced by the skin. For best effects, make sure to use other beard grooming products such as beard oils and balms.

What difference does shampoo make?

While beards have clawed their way back into vogue, it is still important to try and fight the stigma surrounding them. For many years, beards were used to represent what was unkempt and unclean. The clean-shaven look was once king, but this is no longer the case. Proper beard care and beard products can give you that fresh, fine-smelling full beard you’ve always wanted.

Using beard shampoo reduces the incidence of itching, beard dandruff, rashes, and more. Not only will people see (and smell) that you take pride in your appearance, it will be more attractive should you attempt any romantic endeavours.

Final thoughts

There is more to bearing a glorious beard of magnificent hair than just growing it. It involves a beard care regimen that keeps it healthy and clean at all times. It is best to use all the right beard products so you can enjoy not only a better-groomed version of yourself but also healthier and faster growth.

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