Why is my Beard So Thin?

Sick and tired of waking up and seeing a patchy, thin beard in the mirror? If you’ve always dreamed of sporting a majestic mane on your face, read on to learn about strategies you can incorporate into your daily beard care routine that will leave you with a thicker, fuller beard. Let’s jump right into this hairy mystery!

Causes of a thin beard

First things first, let’s talk about why your beard is so thin. 


Similar to the hair on your head, beard density and thickness are heavily influenced by genetics. If other male relatives have a thin beard, chances are you’ll encounter the same problem. Genetics is the most common cause of patchy or thin beards. 

Nutrient deficiency

A lack of nutrients is also a big contributor to the thickness of your beard. If you’re not getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals in your diet, it should come as no surprise that you’re struggling with a thin beard. 

Hormonal imbalance

Testosterone plays a key role in beard growth. This hormone is responsible for several male characteristics, including higher muscle mass, a deep voice, and body and facial hair growth. If you have a thin beard and suspect it may be due to a hormone imbalance, it’s essential to see a healthcare professional to determine whether there is an underlying health condition causing this.  


Everyone goes through stress in life, some more than others. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is released during stress, which can affect the production of other hormones like testosterone which support beard growth. 


As you age, your body will naturally decrease the blood flow to hair follicles, affecting the density of your beard. Facial hair follicles need constant oxygen and nutrients to grow nice and thick, which reduced blood flow can limit. 

factors affecting beard thickness

How to grow a thicker beard

Now, while there’s no magic solution to a patchy, thin beard, you can incorporate a few things into your beard care routine to promote fuller beard growth. 

1. Skincare

Maintaining a good skincare routine is the most underrated step in growing a thicker beard. It’s important to note that the health of your beard is closely linked to the health of the skin underneath it.  

Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin with proper hydration and nutrition, making your beard growth journey much more comfortable. For instance, well-nourished, hydrated skin creates a more favourable environment for healthy hair follicles, leading to a thicker beard and less ingrown hairs. This makes establishing and maintaining a quality skincare routine, including a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturiser, super important if you want to transform your thin beard. 

A good skincare routine can also improve blood circulation in your face and help deliver much-needed oxygen to those facial hair follicles we talked about earlier. Gentle massage, exfoliation, or even using tools such as a derma roller can stimulate blood flow to your beard area, nurturing healthier beard growth.             

Build-ups of dead skin cells can create a barrier on your skin due to blocked pores, increasing the risk of ingrown hairs and reducing new beard hair growth. But don’t stress! Regular exfoliation can help to prevent acne, keep your skin clean and, most importantly, nurture better beard growth. 

2. Beard care

Regularly washing your beard with shampoo and following up with beard oil afterwards can make a world of difference to your beard’s health. However, it’s important not to wash your beard more than three times a week and to choose beard care products that don’t strip your beard of its natural oils. Using quality beard oil can help to condition your beard, keeping it soft and healthy while moisturising the skin under your beard. 

If you’re looking for more of a hybrid beard-care-meets-beard-styling product, beard balm is the way to go. Conditioning your beard and keeping it in place at the same time, beard balms are a great way to step up your beard care game. Style, shape, and moisturise your beard all at the same time and make your beard look fuller and reduce the appearance of patchiness with beard balms.  

3. Lifestyle changes  

If your beard hair is thin even after implementing a good skin and beard care routine, it may be time for some lifestyle changes. 

A balanced diet filled with protein, vitamins, and minerals can greatly impact beard growth. Incorporating foods rich in vitamins like B3, B5, B9, and vitamin E can improve keratin production, repair damaged hair follicles, and improve blood circulation. Similarly, drinking an adequate amount of water keeps your facial hair follicles fully functional and hydrated, allowing your beard to reach its full thickness. 

Regular exercise also has a bigger impact on beard growth and health than you might think. Workouts such as weightlifting can increase testosterone levels, boosting beard growth and thickness. Although, it is essential to balance exercise with a good sleep schedule so your body has time to repair damaged skin cells. 

Diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep are all crucial factors in ensuring thicker beard growth, so it’s essential that you find the perfect balance for you. 

how to style a thin beard

How to style a thin beard

Want to know the secret to rocking a thin beard? Well, it’s simpler than you may think; strategic grooming and styling. For instance, trimming your beard regularly to keep things nice and tidy and defining your beard’s shape can make a world of difference to your beard’s appearance. Remember, a well-kept thin beard can look better than a fuller, unkempt beard. 

Consider using a beard wax to meticulously style and make your thin beard hair appear thicker, covering any spots of patchiness. Alternatively, consider sporting shorter beard styles, like the classic goatee or a stubble beard, which often work well for those sporting thinner facial hair. 

Wrapping up 

When it comes to dealing with thin beard hair, there’s one golden rule: Be patient! Transforming your beard from thin to thick or learning how to style it to suit your face shape can take time. Thin beards are a struggle faced by men all over the world. That’s why Jericho Australia has a wide range of beard care products to support you on your journey to a thicker, fuller beard – you can shop our full range of beard oils, beard balms, beard butters, and grooming products online.

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