Why is My Beard Thicker Than My Head Hair?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered why you can achieve a thick, luscious beard, but your head hair seems to have a different agenda? Don’t fret — you’re not alone. Thick beards and thinner head hair are more common in men than you might think.

If you’re baffled by the difference between the thickness of your facial and beard hair, the beard and hair experts at Jericho are here to help; hang on tight as we embark through the wilds of human biology to unravel the secrets of your beard and hair.

How Does Facial and Head Hair Growth Work?

To fully understand why facial hair gets thicker than head hair, we’ll have to dive into a bit of a biology lesson — but we promise to keep it light.

DHT and Hair Follicle Sensitivity 

Have you seen Lord of the Rings? Well, there’s a little hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone, which is essentially the Gandalf of hair growth, determining who shall pass and who shall not. As you might have guessed, your beard hair follicles are more susceptible to the charms of DHT, making your beard grow out more densely than your head hair, which often needs a little more persuasion.

Androgen Receptors and Genetics

Another factor affecting hair thickness is androgen receptors, which are basically the architects of hair structure. It’s important to note that these are highly dependent on your genes, most likely your grandfather’s. Your genetic code holds the blueprint for your hair’s thickness, texture, and growth patterns. So, if your grandpa and ancestors had a thick, luscious beard and thin hair, we’re sorry to say that, in all probability, so will you. 

Embryonic Development

Back in the very beginning, when you weren’t even formed as a baby in the womb yet, hair follicles were claiming their territories. If you’ve got a majestic beard, that means your beard follicles secured prime real estate early on.

Post-Puberty Hormonal Changes

Ah, puberty, the glory days. Back when you could barely grow a beard even if you tried — how times have changed! This is the time when your beard follicles seize the opportunity to grow densely and prominently, transforming your fuzz into real, strong hairs.

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

Is Beard Hair Really Thicker than Head Hair?

Thanks to the above factors, we know that not all beards are created equal, so facial hair is not always necessarily thicker than head hair. But is beard hair really thicker, or is it all an intricate illusion? Let’s check it out. 

Density of Hair Follicles

A mysterious illusion that David Blaine himself would be fooled by, the density of your beard is influenced by human perception. Since your beard covers a smaller total area than your head hair, the follicles seem much more closely packed, resulting in the illusion of thickness. However, this doesn’t mean that the individual strands of hair are thicker in diameter in your beard than on your head.

Growth Phases and Duration

Beard and hair growth doesn’t just occur when you hit puberty and then give up until you die; it’s a cyclical process with distinct phases. Generally, your beard enjoys longer growth phases, reaching impressive lengths if left untrimmed, while your head hair may have shorter phases.

Hormonal Fluctuations

The conductors of your hair growth, hormones can be impacted heavily by stress and emotions, influencing the health of your hair. Your beard, driven by the Gandalf-esque DHT, weathers these changes better than your head hair.


How to Make Your Head Hair as Thick as Your Beard

As we’ve discovered in this biology-heavy article, your head hair is not the same as your facial hair, and treating it as such is like using a butter knife to cut a steak — it might do the job in the short term, but it’ll be much trickier and could end badly. Here are some tips from the men’s hair experts at Jericho to balance out your facial and head hair:

  • Nourish your head hair with healthy shampoo and conditioner. There are natural options out there that have thickening and moisturising properties to increase the volume and appearance of your hair.
  • Use high-quality beard oil — not normal shampoo — to nourish your facial hair. Beard oil prevents your beard from becoming dry and brittle — which can lead to hair loss and itching! — so regulates your hair effectively.
  • Use mild cleansers and appropriate conditioners for your beard, such as specialised beard shampoo.
  • Don’t use the same products for your beard and head hair — regular shampoos don’t have the necessary ingredients to prevent matting and tangling and contain harsh detergents that strip away your beard’s natural oils.
  • Use beard brushes and combs to groom your facial hair and tame the wild waiting within you.
  • Try out beard balm — a leave-in conditioner designed to moisturise, condition, and style your beard.

The number one thing to remember is that you should never use the same products for your head hair and your facial hair. Sure, using that Lynx 5 in 1 may be cheap, easy, and convenient, but it can harm both your beard and head hair! Take the time, money, and effort to go for specialised products that are made specifically to nourish your different hair types, and you’ll reap the benefits.

And there you have it — as long as you follow these tips and treat your head and beard hair the way they deserve to be looked after, you can maintain a full, loving beard that matches the quality of your head hair. Sadly, sometimes, genetics wins out, however, and people just go bald. But you can take heart in the knowledge that you have the power to grow out a magnificent beard instead.

How to Balance the Thickness of Your Beard and Hair

So, Why is Facial Hair Thicker than Head Hair?

The debate of whether facial and beard hair is always thicker than head hair isn’t a straightforward or easy one. As we’ve seen, various biological factors like genetics, hormones, receptors, post-puberty development, and growth phases all contribute to the disparity between hair types, or lack thereof.

But whether you’re rocking a full beard or a classic crew cut, remember that the hair you wear is a testament to your personal story. And you have the power to make it a lasting, memorable one. Enhance your beard and hair with Jericho’s premium men’s hair products, and make the most of what you were given. Because no matter the thickness of style, your beard and hair deserve the best, royal treatment. 

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