Why You Should Use Beard Conditioner: What to Know

Did you know that beards have been growing in popularity over the past years? This isn’t that surprising considering that facial hair has been popular since 200 B.C. In fact, this surge in popularity means that more people today are growing their beards out. While this may seem simple at first, it won’t take too long to realise that there’s more to growing a beard than just waiting for it to grow out.

For the most part, the main issue is that not everyone knows how to maintain a healthy beard. As a result, many people often fail to realise that the beard needs almost just as much care and attention as the hair atop of one’s head.

When it comes to beard health, one of the most effective products you can have at your disposal is a good beard conditioner. But what is a beard conditioner, and what does it do? If you want to know more about this product, here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about beard conditioners!

What Is a Beard Conditioner?

Just like your hair, your beard also needs to be taken care of. Similar to hair conditioner, beard conditioner is any product that improves how your beard feels and how easy it is to manage. They are products that moisturise and smoothen your beard, and there are many types of beard conditioners in today’s market. Products like beard balm and beard oil may also be considered beard conditioners. As such, knowing the importance of beard conditioners is the first step to knowing how to maintain a healthy beard.

What Is a Beard Conditioner Used For?

Keep in mind that your beard can get rather unruly and stiff if the right products aren’t used. One common mistake is to use soap or normal shampoo on your beard. The problem with soap is that it can be too harsh and can also dry out the skin beneath your beard. Now, what many people fail to recognise is that growing a beard can also be quite irritating for your skin. This is why you need to apply a beard conditioner, as it can help maintain good beard health while also keeping your skin aptly moisturised.

When Does One Use a Beard Conditioner?

While we recommend using a beard conditioner daily, you’ll really need it once the weather becomes too dry or too cold. This is because dry and cold weather can easily lead to beard dandruff, as the skin beneath your beard starts to get flaky.

How Does One Use a Beard Conditioner?

Using a beard conditioner is quite straightforward. All you have to do is apply the conditioner on your beard and the skin beneath. However, there are different types of beard conditioner that are best for different situations. Now, what kind of beard conditioner should you be using?

For people with shorter beards, beard oil is a good choice. Beard oil can keep your skin moisturised, all while keeping your beard soft, shiny, and smooth. However, beard oil won’t be able to reach your skin if your beard is thick and long.

For longer beards, it is best to make use of beard balm. Beard balm is similar to beard oil but with a much thicker consistency. Beard balm is applied the same way as beard oil but acts similar to a leave-in conditioner. On top of that, beard balm also does a much better job at keeping your skin moisturised, so it may also be the better option for people with drier skin.


At this point, you now know more about beard conditioners and their importance in beard maintenance. To that end, be sure to consider the tips and information shared above so that you can have the best beard!

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