Why You Should Use Beard Shampoo for Facial Hair Cleansing

A man’s beard is a contemporary work of art and this bushy area of hairs are often a defining feature of their looks. In fact, facial hair aesthetics have a wide range of growth, with some loving the lumberjack vibe and others loving the cleanly trimmed appearance. In most cases, it’s a boy’s dream to grow a thick and bushy beard, which is often what many go for once they start to hit puberty and beyond. 

Those who can grow a full set of facial hair are blessed and fortunate with the right genetics. While not everyone can appreciate the growth of a beard, it’s definitely a good tactic to change up looks every so often. However, what many people fail to realise is that there are many factors that play into taking care of your facial hair and skin. In the land down under, the climate can cause beards to develop dirt and grime, which isn’t always evident until it accumulates. If you’ve been shampooing your facial hair, here are reasons to stop and finally use beard grooming products in Australia:

Australia’s Climate is Unforgiving at Times

During blistering hot summers, men sweat a lot and can often develop itchiness and rashes on their skin. If you’re a man who grows a beard often, you’ll know how it feels to be scratching your chin and face at the end of the hot summers. You might be using your hair shampoo to cleanse your facial hairs from the sweat and grime that accumulates throughout the hot afternoons. However, there’s a reason why it’s recommended that men utilize beard care products in Australia, and this is mostly because of the climate causing problems with a person’s skin. 

Why Shampoo Is the Worst for Your Beard

Shampoo products of today are formulated with tons of heavy chemicals that are meant to cleanse the thick layer of oils that form on a scalp. Many women’s shampoo products are even more potent because they have thicker and longer hair, while men’s anti-dandruff shampoo can dry scalps even more and cause more issues. Overall, any shampoo product you get that isn’t meant for a beard is going to remove the essential oils that make hair’s growth comfortable and the skin underneath healthy will be detrimental. 

Why Use Beard Shampoo for Facial Hair

If you’re looking for beard care products in Australia, you’ll want to ensure that they contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients that can hydrate your facial hair and skin. Many of the best products contain coconut oils, oats, palm products, charcoal, shea butter, and other essential oils as natural ingredients. The more natural and organic the contents are, the better your beard growth and comfort will become as time progresses. 

However, ensure that you only wash your facial hair once or twice a week, and douse it with cold water instead of hot water to reduce the risks of rashes. If you wash your face with hot water, this typically dries the skin and causes itchiness and irritation when hairs grow. Washing your beard too often will result in reduced comfort because of dry skin and the removal of natural oils on the follicles of your facial hair. 


If you’re living in Australia, it’s always a good idea to take care of your facial hair and skin. The heat can be killer, and not taking care of the growth of your beard will cause plenty of rashes and discomforts. However, washing your facial hair once or twice a week with the best beard care products will ensure that the skin underneath the bushy beard stays rejuvenated and healthy. 

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