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Premium Panther (Premium Edition Box)


Premium Panther is now available in their very own Limited Edition pack!  (This will make for the BEST gift ever) !

Whats included?

1 x 150 ml 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner Premium Panther 

1 x 50 ml Premium Panther Beard Oil 

1 x 60ml Premium Panther Beard Butter

1 x 60ml Premium Panther Beard Balm 

1x Black Stainless Steel Beard Trimming Scissors in leather case

Comes in a hardstyle rigid box with magnetic close.

*This product is excluded from discount codes & sales.  

Warning ⚠️ This scent is extremely sexy. May attract attention. Use at your own risk!

Sexy & Charming, the Premium Panther is a powerful and seductive scent. A masculine cologne type fragrance that if you try, you'll be addicted. Our Premium Panther products are infused with Certified Organic Pomegranate & Vitamin E Oil, which will leave your beard looking and feeling it's best. If your beard could talk, it would be asking for this. 


If you’re a beginner to Beard Care or just wanting a basic guide to a good routine then keep reading 🧐

You can start by applying Beard Oil followed by Beard Balm in the morning and a Beard Butter before bed after your shower.

You can also choose to use a Beard Butter in the morning instead as it does offer the same benefits. Butter does offer a light hold as well. 

The main point to remember is that every beard is different, you will work out the best routine for you after some trial & error.

Beard Balms are mainly for styling. They have a high beeswax content which is the main ingredient for hold and shape. They also work to lock in moisture. Perfect to use before work/going out or if you’re needing to tame fly away hairs. 

Our Beard Butters are a deep conditioner for your beard and skin. They will soften your hairs while keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated. If you haven't tried Butter yet, we know you will love it. Great for helping with itchiness, irritations & flaky skin (beardruff). 

Use our 2in1 Beard shampoo & conditioner 1-3 times weekly- depending on lifestyle. It will clean your beard & skin while also softening the hairs using natural oils. 

Remember to brush daily as it also promotes growth while exfoliating the skin underneath. 

If you’re looking for a deeper exfoliation, try using the coffee beard scrub in the shower. It can really help with dry, flaky skin. 

Combs are a great weapon to use to detangle any unruly/knotty beard hairs. 

We hope this helps!

Whats the difference between Beard Balm & Beard Butter?

Beard Balm is essentially a styling product for your beard. One of the main ingredient's in our Beard Balms is beeswax, which allows you to add hold and shape to your beard. Great to use in combination with Beard Oils as it locks in moisture for the day.

Beard Butters are a deep conditioner for your beard. It will soften the hairs, taking that hardness out of the hairs while moisturising the skin beneath. Butters do also offer a hold for styling.

What order should I use the products in?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Every beard is different so only you will work out the best routine that works for you.

A simple routine guide to get you going starts off with using Beard Oil in the morning followed by Beard Balm. Use Beard Butter before going to sleep or on its own when you feel like its required. Shampoo your beard 1-2 times per week depending on lifestyle. Make sure to brush and comb daily.

When do I Straighten my beard and what products do I use?

Oil, water and heat simply do not mix. so we recommend straightening your beard when its dry. 

Straightening your beard works best about 15-20 minutes after a shower when your beard is dry. After straightening your beard go over the top with our Beard Balms. This will lock the hairs in place for the day and allow them to stay straighter for longer.

If you do want to use Beard Oil before we recommend using it 30 minutes before straightening. We have avocado oil in our Beard Oils which also acts as a heat protectant.

Do you have any products that help with beard growth?

All our beard oils balms & butters are made up of natural carrier oils with properties that promote and stimulate healthy hair growth. A full list of ingredients can be found on our website.

However there is no magical ticket to beard growth. Genetics is key at the end of the day.

If you look after the hair and skin underneath then you give it the best possible chance to grow. Also there are a lot of scams/false hope products out there so just be cautious.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Amazing job we love it

Jemma Fry

My partner absolutely loves it. His bread isn’t itchy anymore and it smells delicious. Very happy customer and highly recommend.

What a product! And my fiancé? What a Panther!!! 😍

I purchased the Premium Panther Edition box for my fiancé for Father’s Day (along with a Beard Straightener and Leather Bag) and I’ve never seen such amazing results in the first instance of use! The scent is incredible and suits my fiancé so much. His skin feels healthy and his beard doesn’t look like or feel like a scourer anymore. My fiancé was never too fussed about the look and feel of his beard, he just likes to have one but the minute he opened up that sexy box (which was beautifully wrapped boys 🤗) and I told him about the products, how to use them and their purpose, he ran to the bathroom and immediately started using everything he could. Thank you for an awesome product line that we will be purchasing for years to come; guaranteed. We’ll spread the word too because you guys are awesome 😎

Jessica Russell
Premium Panther Box

Hi Jericho Australia, I had just purchased the Premium Panther box for my husband for Father's Day, arrived on time which was
amazing! Thankyou.The product smells absolutely amazing "5⭐" we love it! Definitely recommend product !!!!
Thankyou Jess .🙌

Smells too good!!

Nothing else may ever be needed to get me in 'the mood.' Dangerously good.

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