10 Beard Styles for Men That are Truly Timeless

There are so many new options of beard styles to choose from these days. If you are new to the beard game or have been in it for a while, you probably know it takes a fair bit of time and patience to perfect any beard. So, it makes sense for many to choose a beard style that remains classic throughout the decades.

Whether you’re getting ready for a big event or just going into the office, having a timeless beard style will boost your confidence, help you to feel put together, and provide the perfect accessory to any outfit. 

If you’re looking for classic beard styles for men that suit a range of face shapes, facial hair types and lifestyles, Jericho Australia has identified 10 beard styles in this article that are truly timeless. Read on to beard on! 

10 Beard Styles for Men That are Truly Timeless

 1. Full Beard

You can never go wrong with a classic full beard. It’s one of the few styles that suit all face shapes. In saying this, not everyone can say that they can grow one! People with full beards tend to have medium to thick density growth to create the style's fullness. If you are bold enough to go through the long growing phase, this style helps to define your cheekbones, even if you don’t have a naturally high placement for them.

beard shapes for face shapes

 2. Ducktail

The Ducktail is a beard style for men that is perceived as quite masculine. The rounded and slightly V-shaped bottom naturally creates a rugged image. Compared to the full beard, this style can be maintained at a shorter or longer length. The Ducktail will also allow you to maintain a neater size on the side of your face while keeping a classic longer beard look under your chin.

 3. The Circle Beard

The Circle Beard has been a crowd favourite for decades, and for a good reason. This particular style is great if you want a short-trimmed beard look that is a bit more exciting than the average short stubble look. The shape combines a moustache and goatee that connects in a rounded shape. The Circle Beard is a timeless style because it suits both a softer jawline by helping conceal the smooth lines and is excellent for those who want to hide the harshness of a square jaw.

 4. Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard has a distinct anchor shape created by the short-trimmed chin beard and moustache. It may seem like a wild choice in beard styles for men however, it is suited to men with square or oblong-shaped faces. This is due to the shape following the natural line of the jaw, creating more emphasis on the entire lower portion of the face. Despite its striking look, this beard style has been typical amongst celebrities and maintained its popularity on red carpets throughout the decades. 

5. The Chinstrap Beard

It can be collectively agreed upon that having a manly face will never go out of style. Having a noticeable masculine face mainly comes down to a sharp jawline. Therefore, the Chinstrap Beard is the perfect style for those who want a simple look for their facial hair without having to grow it out. This style is also universal, and suits all face shapes. Due to its short-trimmed nature, it is also manageable in the growth process for all types of hair textures.

6. Garibaldi Beard

A Garibaldi Beard is a classic beard with a timeless image that can even be viewed as a modern trend in beard styles for men. This style consists of a rounded and broader full beard that combines with a moustache. Unlike other beard types, the great thing about this style is that it can be customised to longer or shorter length beards and moustaches while keeping the iconic style. Due to it primarily covering the lower portion of a face, the Garibaldi beard is suitable for all face shapes. The flexibility in the length of beard also offers you the freedom to present a more sophisticated look with a neater beard or a rugged image if you opt for a fuller beard.

7. Short Boxed Beard

This next one is an ultimate classic. The Short Boxed Beard is familiar nowadays but has also been loved by generations before. It’s the perfect beard style to grow if you’re starting since it follows the natural growth line of facial hair up to your sideburns. This style presents a clean trimmed look that will look great on anyone. 

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8. Balbo Beard

If you’ve ever wondered what type of beard Robert Downey Jr. is rocking, it’s the classic Balbo Beard. Compared to the previous beard styles, this one is a little more intricate, with more maintenance. It consists of a moustache, a patch of hair right under the bottom lip and a chin strap-like beard that gets progressively thinner closer to the sideburns. Due to its particular arrangement, this beard mainly only suits those with narrower chins as it creates fullness right at the bottom. 

9. The Five O’Clock Shadow Beard

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely seen or heard of this one. The Five O’Clock Shadow Beard has been worn by men in the workplace for many decades. Its elegant yet scruffy look is the perfect choice for those who want to dip their toes into the world of beards but want something low maintenance. We have talked about beards that suit square, oblong and all face shapes, but this one is precisely perfect for those with a round face that compliments a naturally youthful-looking complexion.

10. Shaped Stubble

The last beard style for men that is truly timeless has to be the shaped stubble. Over the decades, this type of beard has progressively become more popular and accepted as an attractive style. We only expect this beard to hold its popularity well into the future. A Shaped Stubble consists of a shorter trimmed beard that still covers the areas on the face that a full beard would. Similar to the full beard, it suits all face shapes and is great for those who want to emphasise an existing strong jawline further.

Final Thoughts

You’re journey to choosing a timeless beard style that is perfect for you starts now! These ten different beard styles for men have stark variations and similarities in that they are suitable for most face shapes. Having a beard that is unique to you and suitable for your look and lifestyle can do so much for your confidence. Whether you’ve decided to go with an Anchor or Balbo Beard, Jericho Australia has a wide range of products to help you with the growing and grooming process. Shop the full range of Jericho beard oils, beard balms, and beard styling tools today.

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