Who the hell are we anyway?

Jericho Australia was created as a solution to a problem. 

Being in the Australian Army I had to shave every day for years which caused my face huge amounts of irritation. After leaving Defence I decided that growing a beard was the best option for me. Although, sporting an awesome beard has its benefits, I discovered it was not without it's downfalls.

I've struggled with skin irritation, itchiness and obvious dry flakes to name a few. When my partner suggested I incorporate oils into my daily routine to help combat the issues I was having, I got to see first hand how much improvement I was able to get using this method.

We started playing around with using a few different oils, it was after this I discovered that when using a combination of oils I was able to reap the most benefits. The skin underneath my beard was calm instead of inflamed, the dry flakes were gone and I was no longer feeling itchy all the time. This allowed me to have more confidence and less worries. Hakuna Matata. 

After a lot of researching and learning about what works and what doesn't, we were able to make our own. These products we could guarantee were up to our standards as well as create ideal scents without all the chemical overload nonsense (that can end up doing more harm than good). So there it is, the reason why we have made our very own products and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do