Tattoo Butter 100Ml

Tattoo Butter 100ml


Transform Your Beard with the Best Beard Butter Australia

All beard enthusiasts can agree on one thing: a well-kept, styled beard is the best attribute any man can have. Jericho’s Beard Butter will provide a convenient, comfortable solution if you've been struggling to style, groom, and maintain your beard.
Acting as a leave-in conditioner and moisturiser, Jericho’s Beard Butter will provide nourishing benefits for your beard and the skin underneath whilst working as a soft-hold styling agent to help you tame those fly-away hairs.
Consisting of natural ingredients such as mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, almond oil, lanolin, emulsifying wax, essential oils, and fragrance oil blend, Jericho’s Beard Butter will enhance your beard’s health and appearance, making it the envy of all those around you.
Sculpt the perfect bearded look with the best beard butter Australia can offer. Your journey to the pinnacle of the bearded world starts today!
Why Should I Use Jericho Beard Butter?
If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect beard, Jericho’s Beard Butter will help you make it a reality.
A multi-purpose beard care tool, Jericho’s Beard Butter will:

Give Off a Fuller, Healthier Appearance

Just as we shampoo and condition the hair on our head, we should do the same with beards. Beard butter will calm down those unruly, wiry hairs, making them softer and more manageable to deal with.
The natural butters within our beard butter absorb into your beard, giving off a fuller, healthier appearance. As the organic ingredients within work to nourish and hydrate your beard, you’ll experience consistent, healthy growth. Moreover, consistent application of beard butter will bring out its’ colour.
A happy beard is a thriving one!

Prevent Itchiness and Beard Dandruff

The soft consistency of our beard butter makes it easy to distribute throughout your beard evenly, providing full coverage to the hair follicles and skin as it works to hydrate, condition, and soften your beard and the skin beneath. By locking in moisture, you’ll experience less itch and beard dandruff as the skin underneath has room to breathe.

Act as a Styling Agent

As your beard becomes more manageable, the soft hold within acts as a helpful styling agent. When used in cohesion with other products such as beard oil, you’ll be able to sculpt the perfect bearded look.

Make You Smell Terrific

The fragrance oils within our respective beard butters are sure to please every nose within your vicinity. With an array of scented butters to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that both you and your partner love with no trouble. Trust us, everyone will notice how good you smell.

How to Use & Apply Beard Butter

Jericho Australia recommends using beard butter in cohesion with other beard care products like beard oil to achieve the perfect bearded look. Beard oil in particular, shares many of the same benefits as beard butter and can be used to soften your facial hairs before applying butter.
Continue reading on for a step-by-step guide on how to apply beard butter:
  1. Clean and Dry Your Beard
Make sure that your beard is clean and dry before applying butter, otherwise, it’ll be harder to style to your liking later on.  If you apply beard butter to a damp beard, it’ll be less likely to seep into the parts it needs to.
  1. Untangle Your Beard
Combing your beard untangles the whiskers, making it much more manageable to apply butter. Start from the bottom before working your way up using a beard comb to create the perfect grooming conditions. Don’t have a beard comb? No worries, Jericho’s got you covered. The ideal size to take anywhere, Jericho’s Wooden Beard Comb is made from pear wood and will work to untangle those hairs, leaving you and your beard feeling de-stressed.
  1. Rub It on Your Palms
Scoop a sufficient amount of butter out of the tin with your finger before rubbing it between your palms. For short to medium-length beards, a thumbnail-sized amount will suffice. For longer beards, a sizable fingertip scoop may be required.
  1. Apply the Butter
Apply it evenly throughout your beard, from your roots to the tips. Work it through your hair as desired. Use a comb to help distribute the butter evenly if needed.
Now you’re in business!

Jericho’s Range of Beard Butter

Jericho’s extensive range of beard butters come complete with satisfying aromas that you and all those around you are sure to enjoy.
A scent for every man, try, test, and choose one that fits your aesthetic to a tee!
Think Luxury Barber Shop. A clean & masculine scent with woody notes of vetiver, cedarwood and fir needle combined with fresh bergamot, lemon peel and musk.
Warning: This scent is extremely sexy. May attract unwanted attention.
Sexy and charming, the Premium Panther scent is powerful and seductive. A masculine cologne type fragrance, you’ll be addicted the second you first apply it. If your beard could talk, it’d be asking for this.
A warm, handsome, and outdoorsy scent. Featuring sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils, this masculine scent is irresistible and will command the attention of all those in the room.
A smooth, creamy, and warming scent that will keep your beard smelling clean and looking fresh.
A subtle, yet commanding vanilla scent that’ll make you smell heavenly! What’s not to love? 
Not too smoky and not too sweet, Suits & Cigars is an earthy scent with hints of cologne. You seriously can’t go wrong.
All scents are available in either a 60mL or 150mL size. Moisturise, hydrate and style with Jericho’s Beard Butter.
Note: Due to their natural ingredients, beard butters are prone to melting in hot temperatures (especially on transit). Please refrigerate for 30 minutes before opening if required. Please also store your butters in a cool, dry place (drawer or cupboard).

Choose Jericho for Your Beard Care Needs

A Brisbane-based, fully Australian owned business, Jericho is passionate about helping bearded Aussie men feel comfortable, healthy, and slick 24/7.
At Jericho, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to finding the perfect blend of natural ingredients to help you style, groom and maintain your luscious beard. When you choose Jericho for your beard care needs, we can guarantee you’ll receive a high-quality, organic product that has been carefully tried, tested, and designed by our passionate team.
Pair our beard butter with some of our other fantastic products. Shop our collections of beard oilsbeard straightenersbeard balmsmustache waxbeard brushes and combsgrooming kits and beard butters with Jericho Australia today.