Get Your Beard Looking Slick with Jericho
Is your beard currently looking a bit rugged? As your beard grows longer, you may notice that it can develop a mind of its own. Beard straighteners are a great tool for any man with a medium to long beard that is struggling to tame, style, and groom to their satisfaction.
At Jericho Australia, we’re big ambassadors of long beards, but we know they can be tricky to control at the best of times. Our customers with coarse or curly beards have particularly found this product to be useful, helping them in their quest to achieve a smoother, more put-together beard.
Jericho Australia stocks only the best beard care products. The 2-in-1 beard straightening brush Australian’s love has been carefully designed to give you a high-quality beard straightening experience so that you can feel confident and complete. If you want a smooth, soft-looking beard, invest in the best beard straightener today.
The Benefits of Using a Beard Straightener:
As beard enthusiasts, we’re all aware of the effects a well-groomed, stylish beard can have on those around you. Flaunting a sophisticated, striking bearded look is rewarding, but maintaining this look is no easy task. For such people, a beard straightener is the perfect solution. While we’re at it, here are some of the other benefits beard straighteners can provide:
Flexibility & Convenience
First impressions are crucial in many aspects of life – and in such situations, you’ll want to be looking your best. If your beard isn’t playing ball, this may mean a trip to the barber – but not if you have a straightener. With the Jericho 2-in-1 beard straightening brush, you’ll achieve a well-groomed, polished look in just a couple of minutes.
A beard straightener is super easy to use, giving you the complete freedom to style your beard the way you want, whenever you want. Our beard straightening products allow you to tame your facial hair, with a range of simple, easy-to-use products.
Safer & Versatile
Using a beard straightener does not affect the facial skin or the hair’s roots. Some men opt for products full of harmful chemicals to tame their frizzy facial hair, which in turn can damage the hair follicles.
Are you struggling to style the hair on top of your head as well? No need to worry, a beard straightening comb works up there too! Easily restyle your curly and frizzy hair using our straightener.
A beard straightener can help your beard to look longer and more in shape. If you want to trim your beard, straightening the hair before cutting it will show the barber your beards exact length, making it easier to trim equally across all sides.
Beards can be straightened with oils, balms or hairdryers, but none of these methods are as effective as a beard straightener itself. For men with curly or coarse beards, beard straighteners will help your beard look smoother, softer and fuller.
How to Use a Beard Straightener 
A beard straightener is the most convenient tool you can use to style and tame your beard. While it is one of the fastest methods for neatening your beard, some crucial steps should be followed to ensure you get the best results and protect your beard in the process.
Step One: Make sure your beard is dry. 
Step Two: Apply a beard oil and heat protection product to help protect both your skin and limit the damage the heat will cause to your hair.
Step Three: Comb through your beard gently with a comb or brush to remove tangles and knots.
Step Four: Select your desired heat setting and wait 60 seconds for your beard straightening brush to heat up.
Step Five: Run the beard straightening comb slowly through your beard, working in sections from the top of your beard down to the bottom of your beard until you achieve the desired amount of smoothness.  
Step Six: Finish off your look with a beard brush, comb to further style and shape your beard and apply a beard balm to provide hold.
Should You Straighten Your Beard Every Day? 
We’re often asked, “should I straighten my beard every day?” – and while using a beard straightening comb is perfectly safe, overuse can damage and weaken your facial hair.
Beard straighteners are less damaging to your beard than blow dryers. However, everyday use, especially without protective creams, can cause your beard to become coarse, frizzy and weak.
At Jericho, we recommend that if you want to straighten your beard regularly, you should make sure to use beard oil and heat protection cream prior to every use. This will help you protect your beard from heat damage and dryness. If you wish to use a beard straightener regularly, we recommend using it on its lowest temperature setting to limit prolonged damage. Otherwise, using a beard straightener is best reserved for special occasions where you want your beard to look its best.
The Best Beard Straightener 
At Jericho Australia, our 2-in-1 beard straightening brush is the best tool on the market for all your beard styling needs. Practical, stylish and efficient, our brush will help you achieve your ideal look in minutes.
Our beard straightener utilises PTC (positive temperature coefficient) self-regulating heat technology that takes only 60 seconds to fully heat up and be ready for use. Our brush has two heat settings, 180°C or 200°C. These heat settings, combined with the 360-degree rotating cord design give you ultimate control during use.
To protect your skin and keep that beard safe during use, our brush comes with a built-in anti-scald design that limits accidental burns and injuries.
Why You Should Choose Jericho 
We take pride in being a Brisbane-based, fully Australian owned business. When you choose Jericho for your beard care needs, we can ensure that you’ll receive a high-quality product that has been carefully designed, tried and tested by our team. Our goal is to assist every man in their self-care journey and provide beard care products that help beards feel healthy, comfortable and sleek.
Our beard straightening brush range will take your beard to a whole new level. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your beard care routine, you can’t look past our exclusive collection of beard straightening brush products.