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As your beard grows longer, you may notice that it can develop a mind of its own. Beard combs are a great tool for any man with a medium to longer length beard struggling to tame, style and groom to their satisfaction.
Jericho Australia’s is a big ambassador of long beards, but we know they can be tricky to control at the best of times. Combs should be an essential part of any man’s grooming kit if you’re serious about keeping your beard in top condition. A well-maintained beard doesn’t happen by accident. While some men will inherently have neater beards than others due to genetics, most beards need a helping hand – and that’s where our wooden beard combs come in.
The Benefits of Using a Jericho Beard Comb
For those with beards, proper care is crucial to feeling and looking amazing. With that in mind, there are several benefits to using a Jericho beard comb that you can’t overlook.
Prevents Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs are annoying and painful. It’s the last thing you want – especially when starting to grow a beard, as they can cause blemishes over time.
Those little bumps and red spots around your cheeks and neck are simply ingrown hairs that curled around and began growing under the skin. A good quality beard combing tool helps your hair grow in the right direction, preventing ingrown hairs.
Lines Up the Hairs
The easiest way to achieve a fuller looking beard is to align your hair perfectly with the shape of your face. When you comb your beard, you’re training hairs to grow in a specific direction. Ensure that you comb your beard in the same direction every time to facilitate healthy growth.
Assists Moisturising Efforts
Applying beard oils to your facial hair is necessary to keep it healthy and strong while ensuring the skin below remains adequately moisturised.
When you comb your beard each day after applying oils, the teeth of the comb will evenly distribute the oil to the areas that need it most.
Keeps Your Mouth Clear
A clean, healthy beard requires more than just a wash in the shower. Combing your beard is a necessary step in maintaining a healthy beard. This’ll ensure that your beard is free of dirt and food particles. Combing the hair around your mouth each day not only trains hair growth, but it’ll also help to reduce the amount of food particles getting trapped in your beard.
Allows You to Achieve the Look You Desire
A beard comb will help you achieve your desired look, whether you have good or bad hair genes. When you shape the hair with a comb, you can style that look any way you please.
Work your combing routine in right after you apply beard conditioner or oil to achieve a beard that demands attention.
How to Use Our Beard Comb
To use a beard comb effectively, you should brush your beard after you wake up.
 Jericho Australia recommends that you:
  • Make sure you use the beard comb with beard oils to moisturise your beard and the skin underneath correctly.
  • Use the beard comb to style your beard for the day.
  • After using the beard comb, trim as needed to maintain the style of your beard.
  • Comb the beard hairs underneath your chin upwards. This helps separate your beard hairs and add fullness.
  • Comb the beard hairs on your cheeks downwards and slightly back. This will facilitate the healthy growth of beard hairs in the right direction.
  • Comb your beard when it’s dry with a small amount of beard oil.
Your beard comb should be used at least every day for the reasons mentioned above. If your beard starts to become messy throughout the day, comb when needed.
The Advantages of Using a Wooden Comb
Wooden beard combs are the best type of beard combs to use. Why?
  1. Wooden beard combs can hold a small amount of beard oil compared to their metal and plastic counterparts, which may otherwise pull out beard hairs.
  2. Wooden beard combs make spreading beard oil throughout your beard an easier task.
  3. Wooden combs are perfect for your beard as the wood prevents static electricity from building up during combing, which may otherwise dry out and shock your beard, leading to broken follicles.
  4. Metal and plastic beard combs may irritate your skin and cause hair breakage, whereas wooden beard combs have polished, wide teeth that can slide through even the toughest, longest, or shortest beards with close to zero hair removal or breakage.
  5. Wooden beard combs have wider gaps between teeth, making it easier for you to run the comb through your beard.
  6. Wooden beard combs do not cause hairs to split as they have gentle yet sturdy teeth.
  7. Wooden beard combs are more robust than the alternatives – the superior nature of natural wood protects against breakage.
  8. Wooden beard combs reduce frizz.
How to Clean Our Beard Comb
Cleaning our beard comb is super easy – all you need to do is fill a bowl with water and shampoo, then manually wash the comb in the mixture.
After this, clean the comb with a towel or piece of paper and let it dry completely. Ensure the comb does not stay wet for too long as you don’t want the wood to soften.

Why You Should Choose Jericho Australia
We take pride in being a Brisbane-based, wholly Australian owned business. When you choose Jericho for your beard care needs, we can ensure that you’ll receive a high-quality product that has been personally tried, tested, and designed by our fantastic team.
Our goal is to assist every man in their self-care journey, providing beard care products that’ll help you feel healthy, comfortable, and sleek. When you purchase a Jericho product, you’re supporting a local Australian business made by Aussies, for Aussies.
The Best Beard Brush Kit Australia
We’re proud to provide Australians with the best beard care products available on the market. Our beard comb, which is a part of the best beard brush kit on the market, is made from organic pear wood is strong, durable, efficient, and stylish. Reasonably priced at $12, you’ll never have to worry about a messy beard again.
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