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Boar Bristle Brush with Handle (Medium Stiffness)



Maintaining a tidy and healthy beard is a task made much easier with a quality beard brush.

Jericho's Beard Brush is made using 100% boar bristles and a darkened Birch wood. This brush is a great companion for beards of all lengths. It helps to straighten and untangle the hairs, while also helping to exfoliate the skin underneath- removing dry, flaky skin. This is honestly a must have item for anyone half serious about their beard game. Use daily!

Dimensions - 12x6x4cm 

Directions of use 

This brush can be used on a wet or dry beard. Brush through your beard in the direction of hair growth to help straighten and untangle the hairs. Using Beard Oil before brushing will allow the bristles to thoroughly move the oil throughout your beard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sean Mylius
Comfortable quality beard brush

Appears well made - comfy in my hand, no loose bristles falling out, handle has a nice finish. Tames my coarse beard easily 👍 Handy size too, so will fit in your toiletries travel kit

Kim Walton

Boar Bristle Brush with Handle (Medium Stiffness)

Danni McCrow
Boar Bristle Brush with Handle

I can’t get enough of this brush.
Great size. Love it 👍

Benjamin Corben

Boar Bristle Brush with Handle (Medium Stiffness)

Tyler Crosbie
Where has this been all my bearded life?

This brush is THE thing my beard has been missing. I never realised how good brushing your beard with a boar bristle brush is. I've been keeping my beard shorter as it gets out of control once it gets over a certain length. While I'd never look to disparage salty sea captains, they're not to be trifled with, it's not a look I was going for. Seemingly without this magic beard tamer, it was something I could pull of effortlessly. No more! Now my beard will bend to MY will. Thanks Jericho!

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