Beard Oil for Every Occasion 

Whether you’re just starting to grow a beard, or your existing facial hair needs a bit of love, Jericho has got you sorted. As passionate beard-growers ourselves, we understand the trials and tribulations that come with growing a luscious beard. As such, we’ve carefully designed our natural, organic beard oils to provide you with a comfortable and hydrated feeling that’ll support healthy beard growth.
All our products are carefully created using locally sourced, natural ingredients and are thoroughly tested to keep your beard healthy and full, giving it the respect it deserves.

When you buy beard oil from Jericho, you can feel confident that you’re receiving a high-quality product that is sure to get your beard plenty of compliments. Purchasing from Jericho means that you’re supporting a fully Australian-owned business that sources its products locally in Brisbane and is 100% cruelty-free. Check out our complete collection of Jericho premium beard oils and shop today to enjoy a healthier, more luscious beard.  


What Is Beard Oil? 

  Put simply, beard oil is a daily moisturiser and leave-in conditioner that helps create the conditions for healthy hair growth, will soften your facial hair and reduce that irritating itch. If you want your beard to look as good as you already do, beard oil is a must-have for any facial hair enthusiast. 

Jericho’s beard oils are hand-made with care, combining a selected concoction of essential oils, vitamins and fragrances to ensure your beard hits its maximum potential in both looks and feel. Gone are the days of flaky and dry skin underneath your beard – Jericho’s beard oils will solve the problem quickly, returning moisture and fullness to your beard. 

The essential oils that are prevalent in our products act as both cologne and a deep-conditioning moisturiser. Our essential oils not only leave you with a pleasant, lingering fragrance that you’re sure to love – but are also important tools in nourishing your facial hair and facilitating healthy hair growth. 

Apply your chosen oil on clean-shaven skin to stimulate hair growth. For those with medium-length beards already, apply your chosen oil to hydrate and soften your facial hair.


Jericho’s Range of Beard Oil  

Jericho’s beard oils come in all different scents and sizes, a range in variety that is not seen anywhere else. When using our beard oils, we can guarantee that your beard will not only feel softer, healthier and moisturised but will also leave you smelling great. Our oils come in a range of unique scents that are easy on the nose, catering to even the most extravagant of tastes. 

Our exclusive collection of Jericho beard oils are infused with high-quality carrier oils and vitamins such as certified organic hemp oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, and more. Our all-natural ingredients have been carefully curated and sourced so as to smooth out and hydrate your luscious, flowing beard. 

Have you found a scent that both you and others love? You can buy your favourite fragrance in a full 50mL dropper bottle to keep you stocked up, ready and waiting for the call when need be. Maybe you’re looking to mix it up a bit and try out some different scents. With Jericho, you can try a wide variety of different scents with our junior 10mL packs of three. Mix and match any scent you like and keep them guessing! 

Whatever your preference, Jericho has the right ingredients and the right people behind them, helping you grow a fulsome, flowing beard that’ll be the envy of everyone around.


Why Should I Be Using Beard Oil?

 If you’re not already using Jericho’s beard oil, we have one question: why not? Aside from the incredible smell it provides, beard oil has various hair growth-stimulating and health benefits that your skin has been crying out for. 

For those of us reaping the benefits of patience concerning the journey of growing a beard, we’re all too familiar with that early stage of discomfort and dissatisfaction. This discomfort leads some to a pre-emptive shave and the unfortunate decision against growing a beard. This tragedy can be easily solved with beard oil. Beard oil provides you with a layer of protection for your beard, relieving your skin of overall discomfort, itchiness, irritation and dryness whilst stimulating healthy growth to reduce that uncomfortable stage. 

Beard oil, alongside other styling products, can help tame a stubborn beard by softening the hairs, making it more pleasant to deal with. You’ll be able to improve your skin's hydration and offer an irresistible scent for those around you.


How to Use & Apply Beard Oil

 Once you’ve received your Jericho beard oil, it’s time to get the beard you’ve always wanted. At Jericho Australia, we recommend that our oils should be applied at least twice a day. Through lots of testing, we’ve found that the most effective times of day to apply beard oil are right after your morning shower and right before bed. 

Applying beard oil in the morning will give your beard a lovely smell that will last throughout the day. Using beard oil after a shower helps guarantee that your skin is clean before application and opens your pores, allowing the oil to penetrate and hydrate your skin deeply. Applying oil before bed will replenish your hair follicles with nutrients so that they can recover, encouraging new hair growth overnight. 

To apply our oil, place your desired number of drops, depending on the length of your beard, into your hand. Then make sure to warm up the oil by rubbing your hands together before massaging the oil upwards through your hair, spreading the oil fairly and thoroughly. To finish, simply style your beard to your liking and walk out the door with a beard that’ll be the envy of every man around you.  


How Does Beard Oil Differ from Balm?  

Many of our customers ask, “what’s the difference between beard oil and beard balm?” 

Well, beard oil’s primary purpose is to nourish your facial hair and moisturise the skin underneath. In contrast, beard balm is used mainly to help condition, style, and sculpt your beard. 

Beard oil and beard balm are great to use in tandem. Use our beard oil to moisturise and support the growth of your beard, and our beard balm to style your beard in whichever way you like! They complement each other perfectly, giving you the best of both worlds.


Does Oil Aid Beard Growth? 

 As beard enthusiasts, we understand the concerns of many men who feel as though their facial hair takes an eternity to grow, men who wish there was a way to get a thicker, longer, more epic-looking beard. We’re often asked, “can oil aid in beard growth?”, and the simple answer is yes, it can.

 Although there is no way to speed up the rate at which your beard grows, the use of beard oil assists in creating the optimum conditions for the growth of a healthier, softer, and more luscious beard. Beard oil helps clear up clogged hair follicles, encouraging new growth and providing essential nutrients that support the hair growth of thick, healthy facial hair.

A healthy beard is one that grows quickly.


Why Choose Jericho Australia? 

At Jericho, we pride ourselves on offering only the best, unique smelling oils comprised of naturally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

We carefully test all of our products to ensure we provide only the best to our loyal clients. We understand that growing a great beard can come with some challenges, so our products are designed to give you a healthy, thick beard that’ll allow you to feel your most confident.

All of our products are made locally in Brisbane and are 100% cruelty-free. When you purchase a Jericho product, you’re supporting a local Australian business made by Aussies, for Aussies.


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