How to grow facial hair faster: 5 tips for beard growth


So, you’ve decided to grow a beard, but it feels like your facial hair is taking forever to grow? You’re not alone – millions of us have been there.

If you’ve ever started to grow a beard, you’ve likely Googled tips on how to grow your beard faster.  Particularly as facial hair can take ages to get past the initial ‘fluff’ stages, growing a beard (especially if this is your first time growing it out) can be a frustrating process. To take your facial hair to the next level, this blog has been designed to provide you with five actionable tips on how to grow facial hair faster.

5 tips for growing facial hair faster

1. Consume a good diet

Eating a healthy and well-rounded diet is a game-changer when it comes to increasing hair production and growing more facial hair. There are a lot of nutrients that can add to your hair growth that can be easily added into the average diet. First of all, protein is essential. It is considered the most important macronutrient when it comes to growing hair and increasing testosterone in your body (the key hormone for hair growth).

Next, you should make sure you’re getting the right vitamins into your body. Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H) is your secret weapon for growing facial hair quicker. The vitamin is found in foods like egg yolks, legumes, nuts and seeds, liver, mushrooms, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes and many more. Also good for facial hair growth are vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Don’t stress too much on how you’ll get them all into your daily diet - you don’t need to eat a whole fruit basket to stack up on vitamins. All you need to do is be more aware of your snacks during the day and exchange every second one for a piece of fruit or vegetable!

Zinc is also great when you’re growing and maintaining a beard. Your body uses zinc to protect and strengthen your skin, nails, and hair. Therefore, zinc is good for preventing hair loss and helping your skin to promote facial hair growth, as it can reduce skin irritation. Zinc is found in red meats, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes and many more.

Implementing a healthy, balanced diet can go a long way in not only helping your beard grow faster, but healthier too.

 How to grow your beard faster

2. Use the right products

Beard oil is great for promoting facial hair growth. Beard oils are moisturising products that will support your beard growth, offering a wide range of positive side effects.

When growing a beard, particularly in the beginning, your skin can get irritated quite quickly. Moisturising your facial hair and the skin underneath with oil helps to protect your skin, condition the hair, and provide the perfect environment for facial hair to grow.

Additionally, beard products can make your beard appear fuller and help you to bring it into form. A softer beard is a beard that is easier to shape. The added shine from beard oil also highlights your beard – not to mention your beard will smell great. Starting with a routine of maintaining your beard will help to keep your skin and facial hair looking healthy and groomed.


 3. Be gentle

Be gentle with your facial hair and take care of the skin underneath your new beard.

Over washing your facial hair can strip away natural oils that are important for hair growth. Washing your facial hair one to three times a week with an natural beard shampoo is enough.

It’s also important to note that picking the skin under your beard or pulling out ingrown hairs is never a good idea! If you have ingrown or stray hairs, cut them instead of picking them out. Otherwise, you may end up with skin irritation that can limit your beard growth. Whether you're looking to grow and style a handlebar moustache or a full beard, be sure to treat the area with some care.


 4. Increase collagen and blood flow

Increasing collagen production and blood flow will prove faster and thicker facial hair growth. There are a few ways you can stimulate collagen and blood flow, including exfoliation, boar bristle brushes, and massaging (in your beard oil or butter).

One important element to consider for faster and thicker growing facial hair growth is increasing collagen production and blood flow to your beard follicles. Whatever your tool of choice, always comb your hair in the direction that the hair naturally grows. Just like with brushing your teeth, small circular motions are also helpful to stimulate the beard follicles. But be gentle; applying more pressure will not result in more growth; instead, you may end up damaging your facial hair and skin underneath.

Looking for a more holistic way to encourage blood flow? Exercise! Not only will exercise contribute to an overall healthy wellbeing but can increase blood pressure and flow throughout your body, stimulating your hair follicles.

 Beard growth tips

5. Don’t use excessive heat on your beard

Styling tools that use heat to function may stunt beard growth when used too often or if it is too hot. As such, if you’re growing your facial hair, avoid using devices like hair dryers or beard straighteners on your beard too often. Not only can heat prevent your beard from growing, but you can also damage the existing facial hair. If you want to style your beard, you can let it air dry. If you want to apply heat to your beard, use the heat lowest setting on your device.

Conclusion: Growing facial hair takes time

The real answer on how to grow facial hair faster? Time. While the above tips will help you to grow facial hair faster and healthier, time is what’s really going to be the secret to growing your beard out.

For some, it can take a lot longer to grow a thick, healthy beard. If you’re struggling to get your facial hair growing – hang in there! Growing your beard can require patience and care. 

Disclaimer* at Jericho Australia we firmly believe that genetics is a key factor at the end of the day. Some people may not be able to grow a long or full beard - and that is okay.

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