The Right Way to Trim Your Manly Beard - Our Guide

Not every person can grow a magnificent beard, but for those who are able to produce a glorious mane of hair from their face, trimming is an essential part of looking presentable. There is more to a good beard than length; facial hair must be neat, must look clean, and must be symmetrical.

If you don’t want to spend money on a barber, it is entirely possible to do it yourself. With just some elbow grease and the following instructions, you could have the luxurious facial hair you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Ready your tools

No, you can’t just pick up a random pair of scissors in your house and start snipping. Beards are best trimmed with specialized tools designed to cut hair without splitting the ends or hurting the skin. A few tools we recommend are:

  • Barber scissors. Barber scissors are sharper and more precise than clippers and are often designed with specialised tips that reduce the chance of nicking the skin.
  • A beard comb. A beard comb can be used to create an edge while you trim your beard, to ensure that you trim it to the right length.
  • A beard brush. This is used to shape the beard before and after trimming.
  • Beard oils and balms. Beard oils and balms are good after shaving and trimming and can be used to moisturize the skin under the hair and soften and freshen your mane. It can also eliminate flakes and alleviate itching.
  • A clipper. A clipper is definitely not as precise as barber scissors, but it can be helpful in dealing with certain patches of hair.
  • A straight razor. This can be used for finishing touches and more precise trimming.

2. Brush out your beard

Using your beard brush, fluff out your beard by brushing against the grain. This will cause your beard to poof, making it easier to trim.

3. Start trimming the length

Using your comb and your barber scissors, snip the long ends of your beard until they form a uniform curve. Whether you want to have a pointier or rounder beard is up to you. There are many styles to choose that can accentuate your face in the ways that you want.

4. Use a clipper and straight razor to clean your cheeks and neck

Hair can grow in asymmetrical ways, such as in length or unevenly across your face. Use a clipper to trim these patches to symmetry. After you use the clipper, clean up the lines with a straight razor to avoid split ends.

5. Trim your moustache

Use your beard comb to gauge the length of the moustache you desire, and cut the hair with your barber scissors.

Make sure to begin at the edges and go inwards. For asymmetrical patches, use a straight razor to correct them into symmetry.

6. Finish with beard oils or balms and brush it to its desired look

Beard oil can keep the grain of your beard uniform. It can give it a nice smell and soft texture as well. For those with dryer and flakier skin under the beard, regular application of beard oil can alleviate and essentially eliminate facial dandruff.

Brush the hair after you’ve applied the balm to its desired look and go out feeling confident with your freshly-trimmed beard.


A beard is a glorious and wonderful thing to have and maintain. It can complete a person’s look, often giving them an air of gravitas and credibility. In order to maintain this aura, a beard must be trimmed regularly and skillfully.

For more information on trimming your beard and beard products, send us at Jericho Australia a message. We have cool resources on how to care for your facial hair!

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