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Best Beard Mask Australia 

The Jericho Australia Beard Mask has 3 layers of protection. It will keep your beard looking fresh and will help keep you safe from airborne contaminants.  

A disposable PM2.5 filter is included with all Beard Masks. Ideal to protect your mouth and face from Dust, Haze, Allergies, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Gardening, Crafts, PM2.5, Vehicle Exhaust, Woodwork, Pollen Allergies, and Fumes.

Made with cotton lining the beard mask wont leave your beard creased and dented.

Each Beard Mask includes
1x Jericho Australia Beard Mask 
1x PM2.5 Filter Insert

Long- Width 25cm/9.8inch x Length 22cm/8.7inch 
 Width 23cm/9inch x Length 16cm/6.3inch 

PM2.5 Filter- Approx. 120mm x 80mm

Care Instructions
Hand wash and air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Jericho Australia Beard Masks are excluded from all discount codes

Are you struggling to squeeze your beard under those small, standard face masks? Here at Jericho Australia, we hear you loud and clear. We are the leading provider of beard masks down under, helping you keep your beard styled and your mouth safe from flying, airborne contaminants.  

What Is a Beard Mask? 

With the Covid-19 Pandemic rearing its ugly head across the world, sporting a face mask has never been so important for personal and public health. As a team of proud beard growers, here at Jericho Australia, we understand better than anyone that regular face masks are a one size fits all situation and not always inclusive of our facial hair. 

The Jericho Australia COVID beard masks are respiratory masks that provide safety while also taking care of your beard. We offer safety in style and shield you from harmful airborne contaminants. We’ll keep your facial hair intact, dent-free, and crease-free and give your beard a little more breathing space with several inches more fabric than the standard face mask. 

At Jericho Australia, we think of our beard masks as the next step in your beard-care regimen. For proud bearded men like us, grooming and tending to the needs of our facial hair is very important, and a large component of the day-to-day routine. We condition our beards with oils, balms and brush them with tiny combs, but what’s the point if all that work just gets squashed under masks that are too small for us?

Face masks are likely going to be with us for good. Standard face masks are notorious for ruining the effort devoted to styling and grooming our beards, so, with the extra material and cotton lining, you can keep your beard uncreased, and kink-free, and safe throughout a day of mandatory mask-wearing.

Why Should I Use a Beard Mask?

Beard masks made by Jericho Australia have longer and girthier facial hair in mind. However, all beard lengths can benefit. So, whether you’re a bearded beginner, or you’re the guy that’s starting to look more and more like Costa the TV landscaper, our beard mask will likely be the answer to your prayers.

Beards are becoming rarer and rarer, and at Jericho Australia, we are dedicated to putting a stop to this decline. Facial hair is seen as a contraindication to the use of tight-fitting respiratory masks. The government health advice in Australia recommends the removal of facial hair as a measure of protection and to improve the seal of respiratory masks. In response, beards are becoming rarer, with many opting to go clean-shaven as they follow personal protective equipment guidance.

We won’t stand for this at Jericho. 

We understand that our personal and public safety is paramount in these times. However, we don’t stand by the idea that the beards must go, to ensure protection from airborne diseases. Your safety should not depend on whether or not you have facial hair.  

Our beard masks allow bearded people a choice. They cater to all men, backgrounds, and beards of varying shapes and sizes. We ensure your face mask is tight-fitting, in line with government health advice.

The Benefits of Using our Jericho Australia Beard Masks

At Jericho Australia, we offer more than the standard face mask in the form of two key benefits, safety and styling.


The bigger the beard, the more prone you are to worsening protection by standard respiratory masks. Your beard length compromises the effectiveness of typical face masks that only perform if there is an adequate seal. Depending on the size of your beard, you may be at risk of impairing the seal and compromising your safety, putting you at risk of Covid-19 transmission. 

Standard masks do not offer enough material to encompass a thicker and longer beard, impacting overall performance and protectability. This can expose you to several airborne contaminants and pollution.

A gap between the skin and your mask could render it useless. As a result, many of us have resorted to pre-emptive trimming to fit our respiratory masks properly over our beards.

For those of us who want to stay safe, and keep our beards, Jericho offers the perfect solution. Our COVID beard masks allow you to keep the length and density of your beard without sacrificing your safety. Our masks are designed for beards by those with beards. We include more material to cover your mouth and your facial hair entirely, eliminating the hazards of an insufficient seal.


It looks as though mandatory face masks are here to stay and will continue to be a large part of our daily routines. Having your beard rubbed, dented, and creased inside an abrasive mask every day, will impact your growth over time. 

Standard masks require you to squash and compress your facial hair to seal the gap and meet current safety regulations.

Our designs are loose-fitting and sit comfortably on top of your beard. We provide the perfect environment, the extra material your beard needs to retain its shape and style, and lots of room so that your beard can grow and remain healthy while you defend yourself from airborne contaminants. 

Jericho’s Range of Beard Masks

Jericho’s Face Masks for Beards come in a range of different prints and sizes. 

For our lengthier bearded customers, we offer longer sizing (Width 25cm/ 9.8 inch x Length 22cm/8.7 inch). 

 For our slightly shorter bearded customers, we offer medium sizing (Width 23cm/ 9 inch x Length 16cm/6.3cm).

Our styles and prints are unique, and unlike the typical face masks, you see around. We offer a selection of black and camo prints to suit you and your style.

How to Take Care of Your Mask

Our beard masks are designed for repeated use. We recommended you hand wash your mask and hang it out to dry to keep it in top condition and give it a longer lifespan. 

The Best Beard Mask Australia 

Our Jericho Australia Beard Mask keeps your facial hair intact and looking fresh whilst offering a three-tiered layer of defence from airborne diseases.

Jericho’s face masks for beards are fitted with a PM2.5 filter, rendering it more effective than cotton or generic disposable mask. It will protect your mouth from a range of contaminants, including but limited to allergens, fibres, dust, pollen, airborne diseases, pollutants, vehicle exhausts. 

We understand the importance of keeping your beard intact. That’s why our Beard Masks come with an adjustable buckle and are made with a cotton lining so that staying safe doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Your beard can retain a full and healthy appearance throughout the day.

Having to hide your pride and glory under a mask is not ideal. Jericho Australia aims to make the new strict mask-wearing regulations, a little more stylish. 

Why You Should Choose Jericho Australia 

At Jericho Australia, we uphold a love of beards and bearded people. We understand the importance of safety, especially as we grin and bear the Covid-19 pandemic. We equally recognise your desire to keep your crowning glory comfortable, groomed, and styled underneath your face mask. With our beard masks, it is now possible to put style first, without neglecting safety protocols.  

Our business is made for men, by men, and our designs have been tried and tested. The extra room gives you a comfortable and adjustable fit, preventing gaps where air contaminants can enter and put you at risk of contraction. 

 Put your beard first and give our five-star rated mask a go today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Brendan Lloyd
Best mask around

I don't have a big beard so I was worried how snug it would fit on my face but it is great. All the other masks I've had would ride up over my chin or down over my nose when I spoke, and being in customer service this was a real issue. With the Jericho mask I don't have that issue at all.

Thomas Walters

I lost mine in the recent Brisbane floods after a few days of wearing so I can’t comment too much but I can comment that this mask prevents any beard dent you get with normal masks

Richard Pershouse
Beard face mask

Great products and great service

David Tory

Jericho Australia Beard Mask

Cover's the beard perfectly

Bought this for my husband and covers his beard perfectly & looks great too

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