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Morning Glory Collection (Partnered with Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co)



It's our pleasure to introduce our Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co | Jericho Australia Collaboration.

Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co is another Australian Veteran Owned Business like ourselves, and we are thrilled to be collabing with them. Check them out at 

What's Included ?

1x 500g Morning Glory Coffee (Medium Roast - Whole Beans)
1x 60ml Morning Glory Beard Butter 60ml
1x 60ml Morning Glory Beard Balm 60ml
1x 50ml Morning Glory Beard Oil 50ml

There’s nothing better than that first brew in the morning. You’re sleepy, off the fact you’re dragging your dilapidated carcas to work and just need that glorious first hit of caffeine.

The Reaper has teamed up with the beard wizards over at Jericho to soothe those ruffled feathers. We’re serving you up a smooth, strong cup of arse kicking fury that’ll tickle the smooth criminals better than that questionable bird in Thailand. Sleepy Reaper and Jericho coffee, it’s for more than just your mouth.

The Morning Glory range is made a little different to our other products. So what's the difference ?? We have infused 100% Coffee Beans into our High Quality Oils. This process pulls all the beneficial nutrients (& scent) from the coffee and infuses it through the Carrier Oils. Now combine all of that with our other amazing ingredients and voilà, a masterpiece was born.

Due to their natural ingredients- Beard Butters are prone to melting in hot temperatures (especially on transit). Please refrigerate for 30 minutes before opening if required. Please also store your Butters in a cool, dry place (in a drawer or cupboard).


Rich, Chocolatey and Nutty- the Morning Glory range is the pick me up you have been searching for. Using Hand Made Coffee Infused Oil, you're going to fall in love with this amazing scent. 

Made in Brisbane, Australia

Customer Reviews

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Nathen Blake

Morning Glory Collection (Partnered with Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co)

Nikki Faulkner

Morning Glory Collection (Partnered with Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co)

Smells divine

Bought this set for my partner, his beard smells and feels amazing 🥰🤤

Thomas Gurnett
My morning is now a little more glorious

I'm not a morning person by any means, but the coffee products in this pack are what makes the morning much more tolerable than facing it alone. The coffee beans get steeped for 24 hours in a cold brew jug which makes a great cup in the morning, and as always, the oil, balm and butter are fantastic.

Andrew Smith

Fantastic products,awesome service

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