Jericho Australia

The Jericho Triple


Get your beard in ultimate condition with the Jericho Triple and save some coin whilst doing so. 

Included -

1 x 50 ml Beard Oil of your choice

1 x 60 ml Beard Balm of your choice

1 x 150 ml Jericho 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner of your choice


Espresso Martini

This invigorating oil will hydrate and soften your skin and hair and keep the beard dandruff free. Not only will it have your beard smelling, feeling and looking superior- the added benefits of coffee essential oil provide antioxidants, increase circulation and promote moisture retention. This oil smells like the pick me up you've always wanted. 

Vanilla Liquor 

If you want to smell irresistible (seriously, ask my girlfriend)... then let this rich and memorable beard oil work for you. This hand made product will smooth and nourish your hair and the skin underneath. Your hair follicles and women everywhere will thank you.    


Smell fresh AF while simultaneously conditioning and styling your beard. This oil will reduce beard itch and dandruff with it's anti-inflammatory and cooling action. Boost your energy and relieve your stress with this stimulating oil. 


A warm, handsome and outdoorsy scent. Featuring Sandalwood and Cedarwood essential oils. This masculine scent is hard to resist. Benefits of this oil include ingredients that work to achieve an itch-free, dandruff-free, soft and luscious beard. Show your beard the respect it deserves. 

The Godfather

Think Luxury Barber Shop. A clean and masculine scent with woody notes of vetiver, cedarwood and fir needle combined with fresh bergamot, lemon peel and musk. You will look and feel your freshest and everyone will notice. 

Coconut Cream

A smooth, creamy and warming scent that will keep your beard smelling clean and looking fresh. 

Suits & Cigars

Not too smoky and not too sweet...

Suits & Cigars is an earthy scent with hints of cologne. You seriously cant go wrong.

Fruit Fusion

A taste of the tropics with coconut, lime and grapefruit with notes of lemon, vanilla bean and musk. This combo will have you feeling like you're on permanent vacation even while you're stuck at work. 


Not a fan of scented oils or you simply don't want your beard oil clashing with your favourite cologne? Get all the benefits minus the scent with our Naked Beard Oil. Completely unscented & fragrance free. 

Salted Caramel

A handsome sweet and creamy scent with a touch of saltiness. rounded out with caramel, coconut and vanilla. You'll drool, she'll drool. Everybody wins. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Thomas Gurnett
Superior quality

I was using the cheaper stuff from the supermarket, and while that technically did the job, it took a lot of product to achieve the same result that the Jericho products do in a quarter of the amount. I can't decide if I like the godfather or suits and cigars better as a scent, as I got the oil in one and the balm in the other. Though it does make for a nice layered scent. All in all, I will be looking forward to the next purchase when my stock runs low.

Michelle McKenzie
Fantastic Products!

My hubby is just starting on his beard journery, he got to the "full face cover, but wild and scubby" stage so I bought him some of the Jericho products for wild scubby face now! 🙂 Beard shampoo, balm, oil, and brush, have his beard smoothing down and now lovely and soft...and the products smell AMAZING!! Would definitely recommend, as much for the ladies as the guys 😉 lol

Sebastian Schroeder
Awesome Products

I am so pleased with the products, i tell everyone that comments on the look and smell of my beard that Jericho Australia is the only place to go.

Jontelle Little
Highly recommended

Best Christmas present for my partner & he loves the products.

Lucy Calton

I gave The Jericho Triple to my brother-in-law for Christmas. The products smelt nice and he looks forward to using them.

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