Jericho Style Pack

Jericho Style Pack

The Beard Veteran Kit

The Beard Veteran Kit

7 Sins Pack

7 Sins Pack

Clay Hair Pomade 60ml

Clay Hair Pomade 60ml



Beard Products in New Zealand

Jericho started at the end of 2019 with a mission. To make the lives and skins of those with NZ beards easier. A skin free from irritation is the goal with every Jericho beard product in NZ. Each Jericho beard product is the result of a long process of researching and learning about what will and won’t work in our beards. After some tests, we can now proudly display our great product range that will help meet all your bearded needs.

Jericho is happy to offer the latest range of beard products NZ will love. Whether you need beard oil, a beard balm, a beard kit, beard wash, or a new beard straightener, there will be something to help you look after your whiskers within our range. Beard care is vital to keeping both your skin and beard healthy. Your beard will look better, and you’ll feel better when you start to take care of it well. Also, it smells great! There’s nothing quite like a beard, which is why we don’t test our products on animals. All our beard products are tested on beards, and beards alone.

Gone are the days of the beard’s reputation of being grimy and dirty, with our beard products, NZ beards can look their best and give off a professional vibe daily. Beard products are imperative for protecting your beard against the elements, a dirty work environment, or whatever the day might throw at it.


Don’t let beard care overwhelm you, with Jericho’s beard products at your fingertips and grooming tips in our blog, daily maintenance has never been easier. Those who like to shape their beard, and those who like to get it to grow down, wizard-style both need to look after it to get healthy growth.


Beard Products NZ: FAQ


Can beard oils perish? 

After you have opened your beard oil vial, we recommend using it within six months. We have found the scent and natural deodorants begins to disappear at around the six-month mark. However, after this time the beard oil itself is still very beneficial and will provide value for your beard long after those six months.


Where are your products sourced from? 

Everything that goes into the beard products for NZ beards is sourced locally here in Australia. We only use the highest quality ingredients across our range, and each product is sourced as sustainably as possible.


Are any products tested on animals?

Each Jericho beard product NZ have only ever been tested on a beard, never on an animal. This includes our beard oils, brushes, beard wash and moustache wax products.  We are 100% cruelty free.


What is your exchange and refund policy?

 We do not offer any exchanges or refunds for simply change of mind.  However, should your order arrive and there is a fault, we will happily exchange or refund with proof of the fault. If for some reason a refund is given for a reason other than fault with the product, we charge a standard 10% restocking fee. 

For any questions regarding a return or exchange please contact our team at

 Please note we are unable to accept any returns or refunds for combs and brushes.


How much is shipping?  

Shipping to New Zealand has a flat rate delivery charge of $20. This way NZ beards can stock up on every product they need for the same shipping fee.


Where are you shipping from?

Jericho ships from our warehouse located in Geebung, just outside of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.


How long does shipping take? 

Shipping from Australia to New Zealand can take any time between 2-6 days. Jericho takes no responsibility for extended shipping delays as a result of issues involving the carrier. Once the items have been shipped Jericho Australia take no responsibility for any lost or damaged parcels. All lost, damaged or parcels claimed delivered are to be taken up with the carrier.


What payment methods do you accept?

 We accept Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopfiy Pay