4 Benefits of Beards Other Than Looking Sexy and Fantastic

One of the most important trends to hit men’s fashion and grooming is the resurgence of the beard. That bountiful bush of bold hair upon the chin has regained its rightful status, becoming a point of pride for many men across the world. No longer is it seen as dirty and unkempt, especially since it can help a man look pretty damn good.

A beard, managed with care and discipline, is a glorious facial feature. It can accent parts of your face that you want accented and soften features that might be too strong at times. However, there are benefits to the glorious mane of magnificently manly hair that go beyond the physical.

That is why we have created this article: to tell you about the ways a beard can change and improve your life.

It can be adorned with attractive scents

You can use scented beard oils and beard ashes on your beard to give it a lovely scent that attracts other people. Few things are as pleasantly surprising for a prospective partner than being met with a lovely aroma as they lean in to kiss their bearded boyfriend or husband.

It protects you from the elements

Animals developed fur and hair as protection from the elements, and that is exactly one of the things a beard offers. It can protect you from the sun on hot days and can keep your face warm during those harsh winter months. It is also useful for blocking pathogens from infecting you, so long as you regularly clean it.

It adds gravitas to your demeanour

Physically, a beard can give you that air of erudition—of reliability and respectability. If you have an overly youthful face, a beard might be perfect for you. This is perfect in professions where an air of respect and authority must be maintained, such as teaching or any form of management.

Not only that, but a beard will also make you part of a unique community of people: fellow bearded men. You might find another man with a magnificent mane such as yourself nodding in acknowledgement of your sensational facial hair.

It builds discipline

Having a beard is not as simple as letting your facial hair grow. It is a careful and gradual process of trimming, grooming, and shaping your hair to your desired result over the course of a few weeks or months.

After that, beard maintenance itself has quite a few steps. You have to use the right beard shampoos and washes, apply beard oil after every shower, and trim and shape every few days or weeks. This kind of routine is what builds order and discipline in a person’s life. A beard can offer that structure because of its multi-step upkeep.

In conclusion

Beards are beneficial. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. So long as you take care of your beard with some beard washes and oils, so long as you give it the time and energy, your beard will take care of you. Not only will it look good, but it will also feel great.

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