2 Signs Your Beard Care Routine Isn't Being Done Properly

To any man who takes pride in his masculinity and will do anything and everything to refine and protect it, nothing is more valuable or precious than the beard that he sports.

Ever since the days of Valhalla and Genghis Khan, having a tuft of hair right under a handsome mug has always been seen as a sign of strength and manliness. Whether you’ve got a Viking beard or a trimmed and proper one, the facial hair you’ve spent years growing and cultivating bears a great significance in your mind and heart. In fact, you’d probably do just about anything to provide the badge of manliness on your chin to stay around and stay healthy forever.

Now, as clear as it may be that having a beard bears far more significance in your identity, there is one possibility that you’ll need to face: The possibility that you aren’t caring for your beard the right way.

A few signs that you’re not caring for your beard as well as you should

It can be understandably painful to admit: after growing your beard and going through the fits of itches and scratches, working so hard only to find out that you’re on the wrong path is something you won’t want to do.

However, the thing about having a glorious beard and allowing it to last forever is that you’ll also need to be brave enough to weather the storm and acknowledge the fact that you can do better. Thankfully, it isn’t too late to learn the ropes of taking care of your beard and prolonging its life because there is always room to grow alongside the hair on your mug.

To start off the path to enlightenment on perfect beard-growing experiences and maintenance, here are two common signs of poor beard care that you must keep an eye out for:

Sign #1: You’ve got a beard that’s dry and brittle to the touch

One of the first signs of poor beard care is a distinct level of dryness and brittleness, which robs a glorious tuft of the sheen and richness that it should rightfully have.

Generally, one of the most prevalent causes of a dry and brittle beard is a sheer lack of proper hydration in the beard itself. This is often linked to a mindset that many have where they think a beard does fine on its own. If you’ve got a dry and brittle beard that feels like it’s about to break off, you can effectively treat it with some of our Beard Balm and Beard Oil!

Sign #2: Split-ends are starting to show in your beard

What most people forget about their beards is that they’re just like the hair on their heads; and much like its counterpart on the other side of a head, facial hair can get split ends.

If split ends in the hair on a person’s head signal that poor or inadequate care is being carried out or that it’s experienced too much heat, then the same explanation applies to beards. When you start experiencing split ends all over different parts of your beard, you can best remedy the damage by holding back on the brushing, getting a quick trim, and repairing it all with a starter pack!


Just like any other treasured thing in life, beards are a valuable presence that needs to be taken care of if you want them to last, and this includes watching out for any mistakes you might be making. By watching out for the two signs mentioned above, you can help keep the health of your facial hair in check and help ensure that nothing terrible happens!

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