4 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Out Your Majestic Beard

No-shave November is upon us, meaning that it's crucial to do proper beard maintenance to have optimal beard growth. However, you may run into common pitfalls that most men undergo! But don’t worry, we have just the information you need to ensure that you succeed during No-shave November and at any time you want to grow out your magnificent beard!

This article will discuss four common mistakes among bearded folk that you should avoid. Take this as an opportunity to surpass your beard growth goals, maintain your swag, and show off your glorious chin hairs!

Mistake #1: Ignoring the neckline

The common misconception in the beard community about growth goals is to have the length reach the chest hair. There are even more daring mates who go all the way down—but we aren’t going for any world records here! Besides, growing beards into those absurd lights are impractical because you have to spend a fortune to maintain it.

The ideal length for any beard should be at least within the neckline, and anywhere past that should be cut properly. Doing so allows you to maintain your beard hair while keeping it to a favourable budget. Remember, it’s not the length of the beard that matters—it’s the condition and overall visual appeal!

Mistake #2: Being impatient with beard-growing time

One of the best-kept healthy beard tips that you should consider is to be patient with your beard’s growth and stay consistent with its care. However, there are still those who are working to grow their first beard, yet give up after a short while because they feel it’s taking too long. That’s because they don’t understand the basic facts behind beard growth.

The average beard grows at half an inch per month, meaning you cannot rush things. Not even the best beard products or growth supplements can help in this effort. You just need to wait for your beard to grow naturally. And don’t forget to comb and clean it to ensure that you can have healthy beard hairs sprouting from your face!

Mistake #3: Letting your beard go without proper maintenance

There will be moments when your beard starts to grow into a healthy length, but you have to be careful because these are when problems begin to develop. For example, you may see food particles and dirt get stuck in your beard. These kinds of contaminants can lead to seborrheic dermatitis and beard stink. Fortunately, there are ways to care for your beard!

Your top priority with beard care is to use dedicated products to wash it. Never use soap because it can lead to dry follicles. Use beard wash, beard oil, and a comb to maintain your luscious beard. Don’t forget to trim the weird-looking hairs to ensure that your beard is well-kept and ready to be shown off!

Mistake # 4: Not caring about the style of your beard

You need to have a style in mind for your beard to help you figure out what you want to do with it. It allows you to have a reference point that you can draw from when you look in the mirror. However, you may have trouble deciding. But don’t worry, we have just the solution for you.

Our team knows the struggle that many of our customers have when it comes to beard styling. That is why we have our blog, which you can use to find useful styling tips and other information about beard care. That way, you can maintain your beard’s visual appeal and dress appropriately for any occasion.


Dealing with beard growth can be an ordeal, but there are resources that you can use to guide your journey. You just have to stay consistent and talk to the right people to ensure that you distinguish yourself among the crowd. Remember all the previously mentioned mistakes and find beard growth solutions to maintain your unique sense of style today!

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