5 Tips and Tricks for Growing Long Beards and Moustaches - Our Guide

Facial hair comes in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer a small soul patch on their chin, while others prefer a full bush of hair around their face. Rare still are those who go for the full Hagrid, the ZZ Top, Gandalf, the handlebars, and so on. Such beards are difficult to grow, requiring patience and all the right beard care products. 

Worry not; the beard experts at Jericho Australia have created this guide to growing that wizard-like mane you’ve always wanted. With no further ado, here are five tips and tricks for growing a long, luscious beard:

1 - Don’t trim

While it is appropriate for most beard styles to trim somewhere along the process, the trick to a long beard is simply to let it grow. This includes the lines on your neck and cheek. Trimming before your beard achieves your desired length runs the risk of you trimming it into the wrong shape before it has had the chance to look the way it actually should. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t trim at all. For growing a long beard, you need to trim at the end of the process and not a second before. 

2 - Train your moustache

Most facially-haired fellows trim their moustache once the hairs start covering the mouth, but this can hamper the look of a long beard. In this case, it is better to apply the hair wax and train the hair above your lip to grow away from your lips and out of your mouth. 

As a good rule of thumb, avoid those scissors as much as possible. 

3 - Start using beard care products regularly

Products like beard oil and beard shampoo can help hasten beard growth by protecting the skin and hair and nourishing the follicles. This can create the optimum conditions for growth, resulting in a faster-growing beard. To ensure that your long beard is healthy and soft throughout every inch of it, you must care for your mane from day one of your journey.

Most people recommend using a beard shampoo once every few days to remove dirt and grime, and beard oil once a day after a shower for protection and moisture. You may need to adapt this, however, based on your physiology and environment. 

4 - Brush the hair every day

Now is the time to buy brushes specifically designed for beards. These brushes are usually made of boar hair as this has the perfect balance between rigidity and softness to control the wildness of a man’s mane. 

Brushing every day will train your hairs to maintain the structure you want, minimizing the need for eventual trimming. 

5 - Be patient

Patience is a virtue—one you’ll definitely need if you intend to go Gandalfing about town. A full beard can take months or a year to grow; what more a long one? Patience is the key to resisting the urge to trim, to cut, or to quit. 

Final thoughts

To have the right long beard, you must give it time and effort. Not only that, but you must be patient as your follicles do the work. It might take a while, but you might find yourself bearded and bearing the gravitas you deserve. 

You will need to use the right beard care products to help it along. Check out our selection at Jericho Australia. We can equip you with everything you’ll need on this journey. 

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