How to Help a Budding Beard Grow Faster and Healthier

Waiting for a full beard to grow can be a long and tiresome endeavour for anyone. Not only does facial hair grow at a glacial pace, but there’s also always that annoying phase when itching is especially rampant. A lucky few men only require a few weeks to grow a beard, but for most, the journey takes months. Beards might seem like a waiting game, but there are a few things you can do to help them along. 

Will this method work for everyone?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, remember this: you must be realistic. If you have only ever been able to grow a few whiskers on the corners of your lips, no amount of beard care can stimulate growth. While it is possible that you are simply a late bloomer destined to develop a beard in their forties, you must be prepared for the possibility that you might not grow one at all. 

On average, however, beards grow at a rate of 3 mm per week. That’s just over one centimetre per month. The challenge here is that this is merely the average; men are likely to experience different rates of growth all over their face. The sideburns, for example, are likely to grow faster than the Adam’s apple area. The trick is waiting long enough to have a beard that you can trim evenly throughout.

What can I do to speed this up?

The most common myth is that a man should shave more frequently to stimulate growth. This is mostly false. While trimming can aid growth, shaving your beard just leaves you without one. 

One thing you can do is to change your habits such that your body receives the appropriate amount of nutrition and exercise. The better your diet, the healthier your skin and follicles will be; the healthier your follicles are, the more inclined they will be to growing hair faster and in a more healthy state. Exercise, on the other hand, will stimulate the production of testosterone, which is partially responsible for hair growth. 

This, on top of proper skin and beard care habits, can help you achieve that bodacious mane you’ve always wanted. Quality beard shampoos and conditioners are essential for removing dirt and grime from the skin and hair. Beard oils are necessary for moisturizing the skin and hair, on top of creating a barrier that protects the hair from the elements. Not only that, but oils and balms can actually reduce the itching sensation in a growing beard.

Regular trimming is also a must to stimulate growth and making sure the beard is symmetrical. Other tools, such as boar bristle brush and clippers are also necessary. Tools designed for the job are best; using any old scissors around the house to trim your beard is a recipe for split ends and annoying cuts. 

Final thoughts

Growing a beard is one of the most fulfilling things you can do as a man, but maintaining one involves patience and hard work. While it might take a while to see the fruits of your labour, it is definitely a worthwhile sight in the end. Not only will it give you the gravitas you deserve, but it will also be a testament to your perseverance. 

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