Beard Balm Vs Beard Oil – Which Is Best?

Tossing up between Beard Balm vs Beard Oil and not sure which way to go?

As Australia’s leading provider of natural Beard Products, we see it all too often; men are confronted with a choice between Beard Balm vs Oil and have no idea which product is right for them. 

It’s an age-old question, and we’re going to give you a definitive answer. So, before you make your next purchase, read this guide to find out which product is right for your beard.

What Is Beard Balm?

Not sure whether to use Beard Oil or Balm first? Well, let’s start by understanding what Beard Balm is. 

Beard Balm is a styling agent for your beard, typically used by men with medium to longer length beards. Men with shorter beards more commonly use Beard Oil.

However, when looking at the difference between Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, it should be said that Beard Balm can still be beneficial for men with shorter beards as it makes styling more manageable and can give a stronger appearance of thickness.

Similarly, Beard Oil is also ideal for longer beards to hydrate, moisturise and support healthy hair growth.

Beard balm vs beard oil infographic

Beard Balm has quite a strong hold and is thus an extremely versatile product for styling. This product will help keep the stray hairs at bay, allowing you to tame a messy beard with ease and keep your beard in shape throughout the day.

The thickness of Beard Balm allows you to comb down a stubborn beard and can even be used for your moustache or sideburns to give a slicker finish around the edges. Beard Balm is great to use before going out for long periods of time, holding your beard in its styled place for hours.

When considering Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, note the wax and butter found within Beard Balm helps give your beard a fuller appearance. Moreover, a good quality Beard Balm works well with oils to soften facial hair, fighting off dryness and itchiness to leave you with a healthy beard. 

Beard Balms typically consist of shea butter, natural beeswax, and a combination of carrier oils like coconut & hemp seed oil, keeping your beard natural, stylish, and comfortable.

The best Beard Balms will contain natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients can potentially contain harmful toxins that irritate your beard skin and dry out your beard. Here at Jericho Australia we use natural ingredients to get the best results. 

When & How to Use Beard Balm:

So, you’ve gone ahead and decided on using Balm – but when and how should you be using it?

For best results, wash your beard with a natural, quality beard shampoo and apply the Beard Balm once your beard is slightly damp or dry. Brush your Beard first using a quality Beard Brush. After brushing your beard, you only need a dime-sized amount of Balm rubbed in between your palms.

Make sure if you have a short beard to rub the balm into the skin beneath your beard, as this will help nourish your facial hair at its’ roots. After the balm has been applied, you can also brush the beard to evenly distribute the balm before styling as desired.

We recommend using Beard Balm once a day, only adding a little extra throughout the day if you feel the hold weakening or dryness. The longer your beard, the more likely it is that you may have to apply extra balm throughout the day.

Given the sheer number of favourable benefits that Beard Balm provides, it should be a staple of any bearded man’s care routine. So, it only makes sense to purchase a high quality, natural Beard Balm that you can rely on. At Jericho Australia, we stock premium Beard Balm products in a variety of scents, made entirely from natural ingredients.

Our most popular balms include the Godfather, Salted Caramel, the Lumberjack and the Vanilla Liquor Beard Balm. Show your beard the respect it deserves – if you need quality Beard Bare products in Australia shipped to your doorstep, order from Jericho today. 

What Is Beard Oil?

Moving onto Beard Oil: One of the most common question we’re asked is, “What is the difference between Beard Balm vs Beard Oil?”

Beard oil infographic

Put simply, Beard Oil is a daily moisturiser and leave-in formula that helps create the ideal conditions for healthy growth, soften your facial hair and reduce itching. Quality Beard Oils will leave your beard and face hydrated and healthy – not greasy. If you have any dead or flaky skin underneath your beard, Beard Oil will help to solve the problem quickly, returning natural moisture to your skin.

Although we have mainly been looking at health benefits when discussing Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, Beard Oil acts as a natural deodorizer, coming in various scents to keep you not only looking, but smelling great.

Like Beard Balms, good Beard Oils will consist of natural ingredients that will aid itchiness, dryness, and overall comfort. On the contrary, Beard Oils that contain synthetic ingredients can cause breakouts and further skin irritation. 

Beard Oil is an excellent product for those looking to grow their beards out or men who have shorter length beards. This is because the oil is a fantastic relief from itching, especially in the stubble and shorter phases.

Moreover, Beard Oil will give your beard a fresh, matte finish that will absorb into your skin much quicker than a Beard Balm would. It can also help make your beard look fuller and lusher. 

We’re often asked what makes a beard grow faster at Jericho – Beard Balm vs Beard Oil? Technically, there is no magical chemical in Beard Oil or Balm that stimulates quicker growth. However, the regular use of Beard Oil combined with effective overall upkeep can create the optimal conditions for hair growth. 

When & How to Use Beard Oil:

In the age-old debate of Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, the question remains – when and how should Beard Oil be used? The best time to apply Beard Oil is after showering or washing your face. When your pores are open from the hot water, your skin will be able to absorb the oil more effectively.

Beard Oil should be applied by placing your desired number of drops into the palm of your hand before evenly distributing it through your beard. The longer the beard, the more drops you’ll need. This should be done when your beard is damp.

Are you looking for great smelling Beard Oils to surprise and impress your partner with? Luckily, Jericho Australia has you covered. With our extensive range of quality, unique Beard Oils, you’ll be sure to find one you like.

Too many great oils to choose from? Try our Suits & Cigars Beard Oil – not too smoky, not too sweet – an earthy scent with hints of cologne, you seriously can’t go wrong. Our other favourites include the Coconut Cream, Peppermint Oil and the Espresso Martini

What to Use: Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

So, Beard Balm vs Oil – which should you choose?

When looking at the characteristics of Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, it is clear that they both provide a variety of benefits.

As an overall analysis – Beard Balm is better for the support and styling of medium to longer length beards. If you have a shorter length beard, you may not need Beard Balm for styling.

In saying that, your beard will feel lighter with Beard Oil vs Beard Balm as there is no beeswax or butter included. 

Use beard balm and beard oil

Beard Oil or Balm First?

Beard Balm and Beard Oil can be used together, although it is not necessary for every beard. Plenty of people use Beard Balm during the day for styling purposes and Beard Oil at night to maintain softness, moisture, and comfort.

Simply put, if you have a longer beard, you should use Beard Balm to keep it looking well-kept and fresh. On the other hand, if your beard is shorter and does not require much maintenance, you only need to use Beard Oil to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Jericho Australia’s Range of Beard Oil & Balm

Growing a beard is one of the best decisions a man can make – but it’s no easy feat without the right products. 

Why not use both? Beard Balm and Beard Oil will make your luscious mane healthier, fuller and more stylish. Here at Jericho, we offer a full range of Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Beard Butters and full Grooming Kits to give your facial hair the care that it deserves.

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