7 Beard Balm Benefits You Should Know

Growing a beard can be challenging yet extremely rewarding; anyone who has grown a mane can testify how much work goes into crafting a magnificent, enviable beard, yet also the excessive list of compliments one receives.

Beard grooming requires a combination of care, dedication, love, and the best grooming products available. And there’s one thing that all Aussie beard enthusiasts can agree on: no bearded man’s collection is complete without one or many of Jericho’s amazing, scented beard balms - even the most unkempt beards can experience the many beard balm benefits available on offer.

A styling agent for your beard, beard balm benefits your beard game by softening facial hairs and boosting your beards’ health. With a strong hold that lasts for hours, beard balm helps you keep stray hairs under control and style your beard to your liking with ease, keeping it in perfect shape throughout the day.

When it comes to beard balm, the question shouldn’t be whether or not to use it, but instead how to use it effectively with respect to the characteristics of your beard. As Australia’s leading provider of beard care products, Jericho Australia are here to break down and express the many benefits of applying beard balm, why it is important for beards, how often you should apply balm and the best beard balm to promote growth.

With Jericho, you can rest easy, knowing you’re about to level up your beard game to a place you never thought possible.

The 7 Beard Balm Benefits You’re Missing Out On

If you’re yet to add beard balm to your collection of grooming products, you’re missing out on a range of beard balm benefits that would otherwise make you the envy of all those in your vicinity.

With great power comes great responsibility as men with beards we must show the unbearded the vast potential of styled facial hair. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of applying beard balm.

beard balm benefits

1. Makes Styling Easy

If you need to get your messy beard in shape for a special occasion, or even if you just like looking in top shape no matter the day, beard balm makes styling easy. When it comes to beard balm benefits, this is numero uno.

The natural beeswax within beard balms gives your mane the hold it needs to look neat and stay in shape for hours. By adding a little weight and volume to the beard, beard balm works to control stray hairs and develop a natural, put-together look. Also, the comb or hairbrush you use for your beard will now glide smoothly through your beard.

2. Comes With an Amazing Scent

Not only does beard balm simultaneously condition and style your beard, beard balm will also keep you smelling just as good as you look. Whether you’re going out on a date or have an upcoming business meeting, you’ll want your beard to be welcoming, not off-putting.

Acting as a cheat code of sorts for making people comfortable around you, our wide range of scents utilise various fragrance oils to appeal to all noses; you’ll be sure to find one you love. In most cases, beard balms with a citrusy, spicy, or woody scent work well as they complement a manly personality, adding to your overall aesthetic.

Can’t decide? Try our Salted Caramel Beard Balm – a handsome, sweet and creamy scent that is sure to attract attention or try some of our regulars favourite scents, like the Lumberjack, Peppermint or Vanilla Liquor beard balms. Shop our complete range here.

3. Protection from the Elements

The healthy mixture of essential oils and other natural ingredients within beard balm benefits facial hair strands by protecting from the external elements.

Humidity, cold, high winds, and excessive sun exposure can lead to protein-loss damage of beard hair fibres. However, beard balm carries a thin protective layer that nourishes the skin underneath and shields your beard from unravelling amidst extreme weather conditions.

beard balm benefits

4. Improve the Health of Your Beard 

The natural ingredients within Jericho beard balm work to stimulate healthy growth by conditioning the facial hairs and moisturising the skin underneath, which in turns reduces those annoying, uncomfortable feelings of dryness or itch.

A typical Jericho beard balm includes natural ingredients such as natural beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, certified organic hemp seed oil, coconut oil, certified organic castor oil, grape seed oil and fragrance oil.

Together, these ingredients work in perfect cohesion to keep your beard healthy no matter the weather. What’s more is, the healthier your beard and the skin underneath, the more likely it is that your beard will grow quicker and stronger. Just as we care for the hair on top of our head, we must care for the hairs around our mouth, chin, and cheeks. 

5. Gives a Thicker Appearance

For some men, it can be hard to grow a thick, full beard or stay confident in the process during slow periods of growth. Since our beard balms contain solid amounts of beeswax and butters, the balm will add extra volume and weight to your facial hairs, in turn, giving your beard a thicker, healthier appearance.

This is especially true if you apply the beard balm soon after washing your beard, as this will seal in the moisture, further adding to the appearance of weight.

6. Creates the Perfect Conditions for Growth

As your beard develops a greater propensity to lock in moisture, prevent itchiness and hydrate the skin underneath through the use of beard balm, the perfect conditions for healthy, continued growth are developed.

The healthier your beard and skin underneath, the less likely it is that the elements or natural makeup of your facial hair will impede continued growth. Jericho have the best beard balm to promote growth in Australia – try it for yourself!

7. Prevents Beard Dandruff and Itchiness

There’s one thing all bearded man can agree on; beard dandruff and itch is an annoying, uncomfortable experience.

One of the easiest ways to prevent flakiness from becoming a problem, is not let the skin cells die at such a high rate in the first place. The best way to prevent this is by keeping the deep layers of your skin underneath the beard well-hydrated. 

Regular application of beard balm benefits your beard by locking-in the moisture within your beard, and provide a thin-protective layer that protects against the elements. The healthier and more hydrated your beard is, the less likely it is that itchiness and dandruff will annoy you.

using beard balm and beard oil together

If you’re looking to boost your chances, beard oil also works to alleviate itchiness.

Combined Benefits of Oil and Balm Usage  

Although beard balm is a magical tool for improving your beard game, it becomes even more helpful when used in cohesion with beard oil.

Beard oil is a daily moisturizer and leave-in conditioner that also softens facial hairs. Like beard balms, good beard oils will consist of natural ingredients that will aid itchiness, dryness, and overall comfort. 

Any bearded man or aspiring beard-wearer should look to use both beard oil and beard balm in their beard care routine. 

The Best Beard Balm in Australia

At Jericho Australia, we’ve put plenty of work in behind the scenes to develop the best beard balm for all Australians. Made entirely from natural ingredients and locally here in Australia, our products have been curated to help men feel healthy, comfortable, and slick at all times. 

No stone has been left unturned when it comes to finding the perfect beard balm recipe. When you choose Jericho for your beard care needs, we can ensure that you’ll receive a high-quality product that has been carefully designed, tried, and tested by our passionate team.

Browse our full collection of beard balms today!

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