How to Use Beard Oil

Just like the hair on our heads, beard hair also requires some TLC to look its best. As such, learning how to use beard oil is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to create a fuller, softer, and more manageable beard. 

Good beard oil is both a moisturiser and leave-in conditioner for your beard that will soften your facial hair and reduce skin itchiness. Coming to terms with how to apply beard oil for growth is a real game-changer, especially for those of you in the awkward initial beard growth phase. Beard oil provides a layer of protection for the hair and skin underneath, preventing the scratchy discomfort that leads many a novice to shaving prematurely. Plus, you'll smell amazing!

At Jericho Australia, our customers constantly ask us for grooming tips and specifics on how to use beard oil, so we've put together an easy step-by-step guide that'll have your locks looking lush and your skin beneath feeling supple in no time. 

How to use beard oil 

How to Apply Beard Oil: 

1. Start with a Freshly Washed Beard

Wash your beard in the shower and towel dry immediately after. Your beard should be damp but not wet, as oil and water do not mix, and your carefully applied oil will not stay put if your hair is too wet to begin with. 

2. Apply to the Skin First 

It might seem counterintuitive, but we're here to tell you that learning how to use beard oil on face skin and facial hair will help stimulate hair growth. How much beard oil? Apply 2-4 drops of beard oil into your hands first. If you're a beginner, apply fewer beard oil drops and see how you go before using more, depending on the length of your beard, of course. Rub your hand together to make sure the product is evenly distributed and begin by pressing your oiled-up hands into the skin beneath to make sure the oil first moisturises the skin and then the roots of your hair. 

3. Then Apply to Lengths

After you've applied the oil to the roots and skin, you can move onto the rest of your beard, working your way down the lengths of your beard in a swiping motion. Make sure you brush your hands up your neck to get the hair there, and if you have a moustache, use your fingers to target that area too. Alternatively, use a boar's hair brush to apply to your lengths. 

4. Finish with a Comb

Finally, use a beard comb to distribute the beard oil evenly throughout to promote soft and conditioned hair. We would recommend a sturdy wooden comb over a plastic one.   how to apply beard oil

We're confident that now you have a step-by-step guide, never again will you wonder, "how do you use beard oil?" and you can confidently tell anyone who'll listen about your new beard care routine.  

So, now you know how to apply beard oil, there are a few other essential things to think about when it comes to selecting and applying the perfect beard oil for you:

Does My Beard Have to be Long to Use a Beard Oil?

Definitely not! As mentioned above, even if you have little or no beard hair (yet), you can still benefit from learning how to apply beard oil, as it will keep your skin supple and create a conducive environment for new hair growth. As your hair grows, you will be able to minimise the beard itch and discomfort associated with the growing-out phase, and once you reach your ideal length, you'll be left with a shiny and healthy beard. 

Will Beard Oil Cause Acne?

Far from causing acne, beard oil will comfort your skin, soften your hair, and decrease irritation to the skin. By restoring proper hydration to the face, beard oil will help your hair follicles and skin pores to retain the adequate level of moisture needed for well-conditioned skin and facial hair. If the skin lacks enough oil, it can be dry and flaky, but it also puts you at a higher risk of developing folliculitis, which occurs when the hair follicle becomes inflamed. We use coconut oil in our beard oil blends as it has antimicrobial properties, which can help prevent folliculitis and maintain skin health generally.

How Often Should I Apply?

We recommend applying beard oil twice a day. Through plenty of testing, we've found that the most effective times of day to use beard oil are right after your morning shower and just before bed at night. Morning application after a shower ensures you're applying the oil onto clean skin with open pores, allowing the oil to penetrate and hydrate your skin more deeply. Evening application before bed will allow the oil to replenish the hair follicles while you sleep, encouraging recovery and growth. 

How Long Should I Leave-in Beard Oil?

There's no need to wash beard oil out as it acts as a leave-in treatment for your beard. We recommend applying beard oil twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, so you have all-day and all-night maintenance. 

Can I Apply a Beard Oil After Shaving? 

Yes, you definitely can! Most beard oils are hydrating for the skin as well as the hair, so if you're worried about irritation on freshly shaved skin, there's no need. Its essential oils help with discomfort and irritations. Even if you're only starting to grow a beard and have little or no hair, beard oil helps to soften your skin and encourage beard growth.  

What's the Difference Between Beard Oil and Balm?

Both beard oils and beard balms are highly nourishing and beneficial for anyone with a beard. In general, beard oil is excellent for shorter beards as oil is nourishing and lightweight. If you have a medium to long beard and you'd like more hold for styling, a beard balm might be the best option. However, it doesn't have to be an either/or scenario as beard oils and balms can be used together. Many have found it helpful to style during the day with a balm, and nourish at night with an oil.  

So, What is the Best Beard Oil for me?

Simply put, there is no 'best' beard oil in the Jericho Australia range as all our beard oils are naturally sourced, made from high-quality ingredients, and smell incredible. Our beard oils are carefully blended, using ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil. We offer an extensive range of enticing scents so you can pick, choose, and try out a wide variety to find your personal favourite.  

All for the affordable price of just $32 for a 50mL bottle of oil, treat yourself and your beard to some affordable luxury today, explore our extensive beard oil range and keep up to date with our latest tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Jericho Australia products on our blog.

When you purchase from Jericho, you're supporting an Australian-owned business that sources its ingredients locally in Brisbane. Not only that, but we're also 100% cruelty-free, meaning our products have been designed, tried, tested by our dedicated Australian team.

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