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Keeping a gallant-looking moustache is one goal that many men around the world have in common. Simply leaving it to grow out is one thing, but keeping it properly maintained is on another level entirely. Apart from keeping your moustache clean, you also have to style it for the best visual impact—else, you’d just look like a slob.

Taking care of your moustache is a basic part of the process of beard grooming—while many prefer shaving the ‘stache part off, the added visual appeal of a moustache is simply glorious. Knowing how to utilize the look, however, is a unique skill that everyone with a moustache must-have, which is where moustache wax comes in handy.

Moustache Waxing

Moustache waxing is a styling process that involves using wax to direct your hair towards a particular look. The current norm is to simply leave your moustache and beard alone—while it is the norm, it often makes it look “basic,” unimaginative, and oftentimes, sloppy.

Utilizing moustache wax won’t only give you an incredibly polished look, but it will also grant you an unlimited number of ways to truly personalize that ‘stache. By moulding it to your liking, you can create a signature look that will leave all your friends jealous.

To help you get started, here are three basic tips to guide you in properly using your moustache wax.

Groom your moustache properly

The first and foremost requirement of using moustache wax is to actually have a proper moustache. While this may seem like basic knowledge, this would actually include having grown it to a decent length—else your moustache wax will literally have nowhere to go.

Apart from this, however, you will also have to keep it at a decent length for proper styling—long “hairstyles” aren’t just difficult to do, they’re also incredibly messy if done wrong. Moisturizing, combing, and defining it are all a part of proper moustache care, so make sure to do that regularly before you get on to styling.

Know your style

While it may be fun to learn it on the fly, try researching some basic styles first before you start waxing your moustache to a personalized one. This way, you won’t be wasting all your precious wax on numerous trial runs—especially if you start noticing that your styling isn’t going anywhere.

Apart from the wastage, it would at least help you minimize the amount of wax you put on your moustache—while too much wax won’t really “destroy” your beard, it can be annoying if it’s greasy from too much wax.

Keep it Clean

Prior to applying your wax, make sure that you’ve cleaned the area properly. It’s a basic practice to use beard and moustache shampoo to keep your facial hair clean, so ensure proper cleanliness prior to utilizing wax. This way, unsightly food stains and undesirable smells are purged prior to styling—making the whole process neat and easy for you.


Waxing your moustache isn’t really a necessary part of grooming, but it’s a great way to stand out and polish your already amazing look. With proper planning and care, moustache wax can bring the best out of your facial hair—making it the envy of men everywhere.

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