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A full and thick beard is an excellent addition to the rugged and masculine look that you’re after. But the road leading up to this gorgeous look can feel too long—and even unbearable. If you’re finding difficulty surviving your awkward beard growth, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

It’s never wrong to ask for help or guidance, even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as proper beard care. In this article, we’ll list down five useful tips to help you on your journey to growing a full beard:

1. Exercise patience and proper maintenance

First-time beard growers can be impatient when it comes to growing a full beard. Though it sounds like an urban legend, being faced with stressful situations is a significant factor in hair thinning and hair loss. It’s important to stay positive and to exercise patience when growing a beard.

More often than not, you might feel the need to shave it off due to the unkempt look that it might give off at first. However, given enough time and care, you’ll be able to push through these minor inconveniences to grow a beard that’s ready to make you look the best that you can be.

2. Practice proper rest and hydration

Human hair is made from keratin, which requires high-quality proteins, rest, and stress avoidance to grow properly. Allowing yourself to get plenty of rest so that your cells can rejuvenate is an effective way to speed up beard growth. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated as well, as dehydration is a common cause for losing the thickness of hair.

3. Use hair growth supplements

Hair growth supplements are a welcome addition to any beard grower’s diet, especially to those who have patchy beards. Pills that contain Vitamin C, E, and B6 are strong contributors that promote hair growth.

Since these are vitamins that affect the entire body, you’ll start noticing accelerated hair growth in other parts of your body as well as faster nail growth. Be prepared to maintain these changes to your body while you’re speeding up the process of growing your beard hair.

4. Use the right beard care products

There’s a wide variety of products that you can use to take care of your growing hair, from beard oil to beard balm. Olive and coconut oil are some natural alternatives to moisturizers that you can use when grooming your beard. Besides giving you a slick look, the oils help to keep your skin smooth and eliminate the chances of you getting a beard rash.

Just like with your head of hair, different shampoo products affect your hair differently, depending on the person. As such, try out different products to figure out product works best for your hair, and stick to the one that handles your beard the most comfortably.

5. Perform proper grooming practices

Regular washing your face and beard isn’t just for adding extra time to your morning and night routine. Washing your face and beard also helps you keep your face’s moisture content balance, avoiding dry skin and hair. Use a soft towel to wash off your face and beard, but remember to use the pat-drying method so that you won’t run the risk of your beard hairs pricking your skin.

If you’re a slow grower, then you might have to go through a challenging grooming process for a while longer. Consider investing in the long haul by buying a beard trimmer to keep your growing beard groomed until it reaches a comfortable density and thickness.

When buying your first trimmer, know that modern trimmers have extra features that you should be on the lookout for. You should look for one that has a detachable safety guard and adjustable cutting lengths, for variability in trimming.


Growing a full beard can be a challenging lifestyle change for first-timers. The key to adapting to this new lifestyle is by staying informed of the dos and don’ts of donning your new fully-bearded look.

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