4 Beard Care Tips to Soften Your Mane - Our Guide

A man’s beard is a symbol of his pride and joy, which is why sporting and styling it according to your wants is definitely your privilege. Sporting a glorious mane is the envy of every man, but only if the hair is well kept and cared for.

The trouble with maintaining a beard, however, is how scruffy and itchy it can be. Without a proper beard care regimen, your beard will be dry and stiff—resulting in a poor and scruffy image that’s annoying to the touch. Although facial hair may seem completely different from regular hair, the same basic care tips can make your mane as luscious and soft as the mop on top of your head.

To help give you a basic grooming routine, here are four beard care tips you can follow to make your beard softer.

Tip # 1. Wash properly with shampoo

One of the most basic beard grooming practices is to wash your beard regularly. More often than not, your beard will be exposed to saliva, food crumbs, and random debris from the air. Giving it a wash is a basic practice and one that’s necessary to keep it from smelling foul.

More than just splashing it on with water, however, you have to use proper beard shampoo along with it. Much like the hair on top of your head, your beard hair needs to be nourished and protected from the elements—which can be given by using beard shampoo. The nutrients will help nourish it, as well as give it a softer feel with regular washing.

Tip # 2. Use a conditioning beard wash

Apart from the basic maintenance of shampoo washing, utilising a beard conditioner is definitely a must to help soften your facial hair. Water and washing can leave your hair dry and lifeless, which is where beard conditioner comes in handy. Not only can it provide stronger strands that are resistant to breakage, but it will also give it a softer feel—much like your regular hair conditioner.

Tip # 3. Add some beard oil

Much like your beard conditioner, beard oil is also great for giving your facial hair a healthy sheen while softening the strands. More than just moisturising your beard, this particular oil will also nourish the skin underneath—spurring growth to fill your bear more fully. Aside from that, it also gives your beard a healthy scent, making your overall appeal more attractive and clean than your average joe.

Tip # 4. Utilize beard butter or balm

Beard butter and beard balm are two different products that are used in a similar fashion. After your regular grooming regimen, applying some butter or balm can help nourish your beard even further. The main difference between the two beard moisturisers, however, is that balm can help keep your hair together, allowing you to style it according to your own personal taste.


Having a scruffy and dry beard isn’t just a lousy look, but it is also incredibly uncomfortable for you and the people that come in contact with it. With proper grooming and maintenance, you can moisturise it to a beautiful sheen, allowing you to display your healthy mane to the jealousy of all other men.

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