Beard Health: How to Use Hemp Oil for Your Beard

Adding natural products to your beard care routine is one way to make sure that your beard is healthy and well maintained at all times. Cannabidiol oil, or CBD hemp oil, is a natural ingredient that can help as an excellent primer in styling your beard along with other health benefits.

CBD hemp oil is an ingredient taken from the hemp plant. Contrary to CBD’s relation with marijuana products, its products do not contain psychoactive compounds but instead contain other healthy compounds. Besides keeping your beard moisturised, it also has numerous health benefits that are beneficial not just to your beard but your entire body.

Understanding CBD hemp oil’s benefits

One essential aspect of growing a beard is making sure you grow a thick full beard that’s primed for grooming. Your body’s hair is composed of keratin, a protein that’s also included in your beard. CBD hemp oil is full of nutritious ingredients, such as Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids that help keep keratin proteins strong and durable.

It also promotes better blood circulation, which allows your hair follicles to become longer. Other than using it for grooming purposes, you can also use the oil for preventing hair loss. Hemp oil’s properties help keep hair strands with much-needed protein and moisture that keeps them from being brittle and prone to breaking.

CBD hemp oil is capable of treating skin conditions, such as itchiness, dry skin, inflammation, and even acne. By being full of Vitamin E, the oil is an effective moisturiser that keeps your skin from drying while allowing your beard to stay strong and healthy.

Applying CBD hemp oil on your beard

Applying hemp oil follows a simple process. First, ensure that your beard is adequately washed and cleaned with beard soap. Next, use three to four drizzles of hemp oil on your palm and rub it directly on your facial hair and the skin below. You may use extra drops if your beard is lusher than the standard variety.

Make sure that you massage the area so that your skin can absorb the oil through the pores and follicles. Apply the oil twice a day, once after waking and another before going to bed to achieve maximum results.

Choosing the right product

CBD products are not created equally as they vary in the ingredients that brands have available in the market. CBD hemp oils, in particular, have varying levels of purity depending on how potent they want its compound to be by mixing in different materials to make their product unique. In choosing this oil option, remember to make sure that you have the highest purity of CBD as much as possible so that you can get the most out of it.


Maintaining a full beard is no simple task. When it comes to your beard care, you need to make sure that you choose the right tools and products to help with maintaining your beard.

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