Beard Care Tips: Perfect Beard Styles for Each Face Shape

A majority of men will insist that full-grown beards are perfect for any face, enhancing any look or style of the individual that sports one. Facial hair, in general, is great for adding character to one’s face—especially if you’re compensating for thinning hair or a receding hairline.

As majestic as the idea of a mane might sound, the truth is that these—as with any fashion style—require a good understanding of one’s own personal style. Certain looks require a corresponding frame to suit a person, and the same goes for beards.

Before you go growing your facial hair, a look into your face shape can point you towards the best style for you. By following certain beard care tips, you can determine and grow your own unique beard that will suit your distinct look.

The Four Face Types

There are a total of four face types, each with defining characteristics that point to a differing type of beard growth to complement it.


Square face shapes have very distinct jawlines, which end with flat or strongly square-resembling chins. Often equated as manly, strong or gruff, people with square face shapes often have broad foreheads to complete the look.


Round face shapes either resemble a circle, an oblong, or an egg. People with this face shape often have fuller cheeks that end with a soft chin. With these face shapes, the jaw isn’t usually as emphasized as those with square faces.


Triangular-shaped faces usually have strong jaws ending with a thin, pointed chin. These face shapes also have the same chin and jaw structure as heart-shaped and diamond-shaped face structures—which for the purposes of this guide are quite similar.


Pointed face-shapes—while commonly associated with the triangular-face shapes—have more distinct chin structures than anything. The strong chin often overpowers the structure of the jawline, becoming one of the more defining features of the face.

Choosing a Complementary Beard

As stated, your beard must go with your facial structure. Rather than matching your face style, your beard must complement it—filling out your features to give your face a more “complete” and fuller look.

The overall goal is to have the appearance of a smooth jawline that easily transitions towards your chin. Take care not to make it look too much of a circle or overcompensate and look too much like a box. Find the corresponding ratio that bridges smoothness while maintaining a strong, straight look.

For square shapes, this often means shorter sides that grows longer towards the chin in order to soften your jaw. For round faces, the goal is to fill up your jaw and emphasizing your chin in order to achieve a less “circular” look. Pointed face types, on the other hand, require longer sides to avoid the excessive pointed harshness of the chin. For triangular faced people, the goal is to even out the edges, not going to circular or square—simply maintaining the shape of your face is fine.


Beards, in general, must be patterned accordingly to your face for the best aesthetic effect. Despite these, however, the best beard care tip is to follow your own personal style to what you think is best. While following the above-mentioned pointers is the general rule, your beard is your style—and the most important thing is to be proud of the face you have.

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