Beard Tips to a Healthy, Soft, and Great-Smelling Beard

A growing trend among grooming nowadays is a full-grown, glorious beard. You may be currently sporting one yourself or are in the process of growing more goatee hair.  Whatever your level of beard, there are a number of beard grooming practices that you need to consider.

You may be practising a few bad beard habits or are one step closer to a fully healthy beard. Either way, you need to concern yourself with a few bro-tastic do’s and don’ts so that you can be a better-bearded bro for yourself and your fellow bearded bros.

Common Bro Beard-Don’ts

The practices below have become a common trend among the less fortunate bearded bros. They are either opening themselves to false beard practices and products or have cultivated bad habits over the years that they didn’t know about. Remember these no-no’s to protect your current or future healthy beard.

Expecting a fast-growing beard

These kinds of expectations find their root in hair growth. Some men have fast-growing hair so some bros think that their beards can grow just as quickly. This is a common misconception among the beardfolk. Beards actually grow at a rate of half an inch a month. If you want the full healthy beard experience, you are looking at roughly 2-3 months of growth. So remember, beautiful beards aren’t rushed. They are worth the wait.

Being a Beard Myth Devotee

Indoctrinating fellow beard bros with fake beard news will affect their overall healthy beard grooming routine. Common tall tales include shaving your beard so that it will grow thicker or that there are certain bros blessed with “blessed beard genes”. Don’t listen to similar tales and remember to consult a trusted beard bro and other beard experts to keep your beard from growing weird.

Trimming a Wet Beard or Quickly Blow-drying It

This is another common practice that is often associated with hair. You may have an easier time with cutting wet hair but this is a bad practice for beards. Trimming a wet beard will remove lengths off your beard that you weren't prepared to lose. This will stunt your beard growth.

On the other hand, quickly blow-drying your beard will leave you with a super dry beard that will often lead to dandruff or annoying itchiness. The shared solution for both: the method of pat drying then trimming your beard while it's dry!

Using Hair Shampoo

Your beard needs to be treated with respect and the right tools to ensure proper and healthy beard grooming. Hair shampoo to wash your beard will pull too much oil from it, and it will leave you with a dried-out and itchy beard. Remember to always use the recommended beard washing products like beard wash. 

Healthy Beard Best Bro Practices

You are well on your way to enjoying a fuller and healthier beard! These tips and tricks are easy to remember and pass on to other bros looking to growing healthy beards on their own. Half of the battle won for healthy beard tips is actually having a beard grooming kit. These tools will help you grow the healthy beard you deserve.

Using Beard Trimmers or Shavers

Cutting your beard for it to look orderly is good practice. Using dedicated beard trimmers or shavers will also give you a precise cut rather than using the common salon hair scissors or razor. A dedicated beard comb or brush will also help you to keep your beard straight and easy to work with when you do the cutting.

Using Beard Oil 

Beard oil is at the heart of proper beard grooming. This is because of all the benefits it has to protect your beard from split ends, feeling itchy, dandruff, and beard stench. Beard oil moisturizes the scalp and keeps it feeling soft and clean. Remember to always have a bottle of handy beard oil for you and your bros.

Conclusion: Keep Calm and Beard On!

All these healthy beard tips are here to make sure that you are on the right track with your beard growth goals and expectations. Being provided the necessary tools, as we learned, is a vital part of overall beard maintenance. Aside from proper daily beard grooming routines, you may have to consider or reconsider the type of beard products you buy.

We, Jericho Australia, can help your beard grow fuller and healthiest. We provide quality beard products that we use as well to keep our beards healthy. Learn more about the ingredients we use to support a fellow beard bro like you!

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