How to Choose the Perfect Beard Style for Your Face Shape

You might have heard it said that a man’s beard is his pride. Well, if you’ve ever seen a set of manly chops on a bloke, we’re sure that you’ll agree with the saying. Wearing the right beard can transform a naive boyish face into a dashing look fit for a gentleman.

As leading experts in beard care, we know just how much difference a well-groomed beard can make to your appearance and your confidence. Wondering which beard style suits you best? We’ve got everything you need to know right here in this article, from finding your face shape to suggestions on the best beard styles.

What is My Face Shape?

Let’s start with the canvas on which your beard will lie — your face. There are about five main face shapes (oval, round, square, heart, triangle), each with its own distinct characteristics for overall length, structure, and facial angles. It’s possible for some people to have an amalgamation of two or more face shapes, but chances are that you’ll be able to identify with a main shape that will work well with our suggested beard styles.

Ready to find out your face shape? You’ll need a tape measure, a mirror, and something to record your measurements with. Here are the steps involved:

Face Shape Measurements
  • Face Length: Measure from the top of your head, right at the centre of your hairline, down to the base of your chin.
  • Forehead Width: Measure from the outer edge of one eyebrow to the outer edge of the other.
  • Cheekbone Width: Place the tape measure on the outer corner of each eye and measure the distance across your cheekbones, passing it across the bridge of your nose, not under it.
  • Jawline Length: Find the point where your jaw has the sharpest angle upwards, and then measure from this point to the base of your chin. Finally, multiply this measurement by two to get the total jawline length.

Got those measurements? Let’s see how you measure up:

  • Oval Face: If you have a rounded jaw and your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones, you have an oval face.
  • Round Face: If you have a curved jawline and your face and cheekbones have similar measurements, you have a round face.
  • Square Face: If your jawline is sharp and relatively wide, and all your face measurements are similar, then your face shape is square.
  • Heart Face: If your chin is more pointed and your forehead width measures greater than your cheekbones and jawline, you have a heart-shaped face.
  • Triangular Face: If the angle of your jawline measures greater than the width of your cheekbones, you have a triangular face.


How to Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face

Now that you know (hopefully) which face shape you have, here are our recommendations for the best beard styles for each face type.

Best Beard Styles for Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is arguably the most versatile when it comes to beard styling. It tends to work well with almost all types of styles, whether it’s a full-length grizzly beard or a meticulously groomed goatee. You’re pretty much spoilt for choice, so if you’re not sure where to begin, try growing out a full beard first, then gradually trim it down to find the beard style that suits you best.

Best Beard Styles for Round Face Shape

A round face shape lacks a defined angle, so your beard style should help to account for that. Try styles that accentuate or bring a little more sharpness to your chin, like a goatee or an anchor beard, and avoid styles that involve any growth on your cheeks. What you want is to elongate your facial structure, making you look less puffy. The beard fade is another good choice for round faces.

Best Beard Styles for Square Face Shape

When it comes to square face shapes, your wide jawline is both your greatest boon and bane. Depending on how broad your jawline is, your face probably already has a strong, masculine appearance, so it’s up to you whether you want to play into it as a strength or try to soften it out with a more angular beard style. To embrace your jawline, opt for a short beard with defined edges. To create a softer look, go with styles with more volume to create a rounded appearance.

Best Beard Styles for Heart Face Shape

Avoid long, “mountain man” looking beards if you have a heart face shape. Your upper facial features (eyes, nose) have a soft appearance, so you shouldn’t take more attention away from them with a big beard. A short-trimmed beard is ideal, but if you want more foliage on your face, you can grow out your sideburns to get a fuller look.

Best Beard Styles for Triangle Face Shape

Balance is the name of the game for triangle face shapes. Your face is angled downwards, so instead of styles that make your chin even more pointed, consider a well-rounded style like the beardstache. Not only is this style easy to grow and maintain, but it also gives you the opportunity to pull off and style a moustache as a centrepiece for your face.

The Best Beard Styles for Each Face Shape

A Beard for Every Face

There’s no question that your beard is one of the most defining features of your personal look. It may take you a while to find that perfect beard style, but once you do, it’ll be worth it.

Remember to take care of your beard — with a great beard comes great responsibility. Groom it regularly and properly with our wide selection of custom-designed oils and balms at Jericho Australia, and you’ll wear it comfortably and confidently for the rest of your life!

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