The Best Stubble Beard Styles for 2023

So, you’re looking to grow some facial hair but not quite ready to venture into full beardedness and everything it comes with — why not try out a stubble beard style?

A stubble beard is so much more than just a beard in progress or a 5 o’clock shadow — it’s a beard, style, and facial accessory in its own right and deserves to be treated as such.

That’s why in this article, we’ll help you find your ideal stubble beard style to wear with pride every day in 2023. 

What is a Stubble Beard, Really?

The line between stubble and beard is confusing at the best of times, and the relatively modern term ‘stubble beard’ probably hasn’t helped. Is it a beard? Is it half a beard? Is it just what you shave off in the morning?

Well, yes — all of the above. A stubble beard can basically be defined as an extremely short, barely visible beard style. Usually, stubble is anything grown in under ten days. It’s the perfect in-between of clean-shavenness and beardedness. No longer is this style just a sign of ‘laziness’: it was brought into the mainstream style by celebrities in the 80s like singer George Michael, and now it’s worn by countless men, from Hollywood A-listers like George Clooney (we see a correlation between famous Georges and stubble beards…) to your local engineer.

But how to style a stubble beard and achieve that distinctive, rugged charm? Jericho has got you covered. Here are our top picks for the best stubble beard styles to rock in 2023 and how to achieve them. 

Top Stubble Beard Styles to Wear in 2023

Classic Stubble

The classic stubble style is the poster boy of stubble beards. It doesn’t take long to grow (just a day or two!) and is the easiest to maintain. For example, check out Brad Pitt in Fight Club — a leading contributor to making the classic stubble style famous and renowned. This is a timeless look that is back in full swing in 2023. To rock the classic stubble, all you need to do is not shave for a few days until you achieve that short layer of facial hair — mission accomplished!

stubble beard styles

Short Stubble

Short stubble is a slightly longer and more refined version of classic stubble. To get this look, you can remove the guard on your beard trimmer and trim it like normal. This is ideal for men who don’t want to commit to a full beard but don’t like being completely clean-shaven. Celebrities who often sport short stubble styles include Jon Hamm, Tom Hardy, and Bradley Cooper.

Medium Stubble 

This stubble beard style is also known as a 10-day beard and is perfect for achieving a more rugged — but still distinguished — bearded look. This style had a massive resurgence after Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth wore it in the Thor movies. Medium stubble styles are fantastic on square and oval-shaped faces — they will add texture and enhance your more masculine features. 

Long Stubble 

Long stubble measures in at around 6 millimetres — it can be quite the statement when done right. British actor Idris Elba often rocks the long stubble look, which is a great beard choice for men with rounder faces. Adding length and structure to your stubble but not quite pushing it to the full beard stage, long stubble will give you an air of rugged — but not messy — sophistication.

Designer Stubble

The famous designer stubble style features a strategic, finely groomed mixture of longer and shorter stubble lengths. When done right — with the right beard groomer or home beard grooming kit — your designer stubble can define your face shape and features and give you the distinctive smoulder that celebrities like Johnny Depp and David Beckham have relied on so often. This stubble beard style has never really gone out of style and is hotter than ever in 2023. 

How to Style a Stubble Beard 

Remember – styling your next stubble beard may not be quite as easy as simply letting your facial hair grow. To get the exact look you’re aiming for, you’ll have to trim, shape, and maintain your stubble beard with professional grooming tools and shavers. To keep your facial hair happy and healthy, it’s also important to moisturise your skin and hair with beard oils and moisturiser. Use a good quality trimmer with variable length settings and trim regularly — especially if you’re a fast grower and you anticipate your beard growing out of control. Remember, the secret to an excellent stubble beard isn’t just letting it grow — it’s symmetry and consistency.  

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Achieving Your Best Stubble Beard Style with Jericho

At the end of the day, the ideal stubble beard style will be one that suits your face shape, features, personality, and overall aesthetic. This list of the most popular stubble beard styles for 2023 needn’t be the be-all and end-all for your facial ‘do, but it’s a great starting point to help you discover the look you’re aiming for. 

At Jericho, we’re dedicated to supporting every beard style and ensuring you have what it takes to rock your desired look. That’s why we offer a unique range of beard care products designed to keep your stubble beard — or any other style — looking just as good as the celebrities who wear them. From beard oils that can soften your stubble to beard balms for a dreamy finish — achieving your perfect stubble beard style has never been easier than with Jericho.

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